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Download Procter Machine Safety Free literature including product and service brochures; case studies to show different applications of machine guards from Procter vast experiences; Well written machine safety guides for you to find information and regulations relevant to your machine.

Free Machine Safety Guides

Free Guides are available to download covering Machine Safety Standards and legislation, Risk Assessment, Safety Distance etc. Please log in first, or Register to download the Free Machine Safety Guides.

Machine Guarding - Acoustic Enclosures White Paper*

Procter Machine Guarding has published a new White Paper that explains how acoustic enclosures reduce noise emissions from machines, which benefits machine builders who must comply with the Machinery Directive, as well as end users with obligations under the Noise Regulations. Read the acoustic enclosures White Paper online…

BS EN ISO 14122 White Paper*

White Paper BS EN ISO 14122 Safety of Machinery - Permanent Means of Access BS EN ISO 14122 is in four parts, all of which have been updated in 2016. This White Paper explains how BS EN ISO 14122 relates to machine guarding, as well as providing useful guidance and advice on how to work with the standard. Read 'BS EN ISO 14122, Safety of Machinery - Permanent Means of Access' online...

White Paper EN349 Safety of Machinery

Compared with some other machinery safety standards, EN 349 'Safety of machinery. Minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body' is uncontroversial, simple to understand and straightforward to use. However, as this White Paper explains, care has to be taken in its application because there are some pitfalls to be wary of. Read 'EN 349 - Explaining the requirements for minimum gaps to avoid crush hazards' online...

Conveyor Guarding White Paper*

Conveyors are widely used throughout industry and, despite their apparent simplicity, they account for a large number of injuries to workers, sometimes with fatal consequences.  This White Paper discusses the hazards associated with conveyors, the regulations and standards relating to conveyor guarding, and the best approaches for adequately and cost-effectively safeguarding conveyors without adversely affecting productivity.  Read the Conveyor Guarding White Paper online ...

Changes in the 2014 Edition of PD 5304*

​BSI has updated PD 5304, Guidance on safe use of machinery, to reflect changes in legislation and machinery safety standards. Although much of PD 5304 remains substantially unchanged, there are revisions in the new edition relating to risk assessments, guards, interlocking and control systems, and safety distances (reach distances). Read Changes in the 2014 Edition of PD 5304 online...  

Differences of ISO 14120 and EN 953*

For many years the standard for machine guards in Europe has been EN 953, but this is being replaced by a new International Standard ISO 14120. Our White Paper compares the two standards and details the differences that guard designers, machine builders and specifiers need to be aware of. Read Explaining Differences of ISO 14120 and EN 953 online...  

Safety Distance Calculator*

Four worksheets are provided.  The calculator worksheet enables the user to enter value for the height of the hazard zone and the distance to the hazard zone to obtain a height for the required protective structure.  

Guide to the New Machinery Directive*

A 16-page Free Guide to the changes to Machine Safety requirements under the new Machinery Directive that came into force on 29th Dec 2009.  Read Machinery Directive Guide online.

Machine Accident Investigation Kit*

Procter Machine Guarding has launched a free Machine Accident Investigation Kit (MAIK) that will help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies perform investigations so that they meet their statutory obligations and prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.  Read Machine Accident Investigation Kit online. 

Machinery Directive and Fixings for Fixed Guards*

A White Paper explaining the amended requirements for Guard Fixings under the new Machinery Directive.  Read Fixings for Fixed Guards online. 

Risk Assessment Calculator (.xls)*

Procter Machine Guarding supplies an Excel based guide to help users carry out their own machinery risk assessments. 

Machine Workshop Safety Guide*

A 16-page Free Guide to help users understand the particular issues of Machine Shop Safety and select the appropriate type of machine guard for their application.  Read Machine Shop Safety Guide online.  

CE Marking on Machine Guards White Paper*

Under the new Machinery Directive that came into force on 29 December 2009, there are certain requirements to CE guards as safety components.  This White Paper that explains the new requirements for anyone involved in specifying, building or modifying machines or guards.  Read CE Marking on Machine Guards online. 

Machinery Guarding Standards (11a ed)*

A Free Guide to Machinery Guard standards that help you identify the standards you and your suppliers should be using the design fully compliance Machine Guards.  Read Machinery Guarding Standards online.  

Machinery Guarding for PUWER White Paper*

This white paper explains the requirements for machinery guarding with respect to PUWER (the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) and contains useful tips about what to look for in a PUWER assessment. Read the PUWER White Paper online…

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