Interlocked guards, an integral component of comprehensive machine guarding, provide paramount safety in industrial environments. These guards ensure that when opened, power to moving parts is instantly cut off, significantly reducing potential hazards. This critical safety measure acts as a failsafe, prioritizing the protection of both operators and employees working in the machine area.

Why Choose Interlocking Guards

In any hazardous machine environment, opting for an interlocked guard is essential. It acts as an immediate machine disabler upon activation, offering vital protection.

Imagine a gate granting access to a machine. In cases where the machine might not stop immediately upon gate opening, the interlock circuit activates, instantly incapacitating the machine, ensuring secure access. In situations where machines have delayed stopping times after power isolation, an interlock with a lock might be necessary to prevent gate opening until all hazardous movements cease.

​Guidance on Interlocking Guarding

With over three decades of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing customized interlocked machinery guards, we ensure that every solution complies with requisite safety standards. These guards offer vital protection without hindering business operations.

Our services extend beyond machine interlocks. We also provide an array of safety devices, including light guards and pressure-sensitive mats, which can be tailored to your specifications. We can even offer preinstalled machine guards with interlocks, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your machine’s safety-related control system.

Options for Mounting Interlocks

We offer flexibility in interlock mounting. Customers can choose interlock mounting brackets on machine guards to install their own switches or opt to have us mount switches provided by them. If you prefer, we can source and install switches based on your specifications, or we can recommend switches that best suit your application.

Comparing Light Guards and Interlocks

While light guards and interlock safety devices serve similar functions by disabling the machine when certain conditions are met, they cater to distinct scenarios. Light guards are typically employed in situations where a physical guard would be impractical. They are essential in scenarios where access during operation could be perilous.

Electrical Interface Expertise

Our skilled electricians can seamlessly integrate interlocks and/or light guards into your machine guard system. Additionally, we provide trunking or cable ducting installation services. All electrical installations adhere to the requirements outlined in BS EN ISO 13849-1 or BS EN 62061.

Our electrical installation team members are certified under the current IEE 17th edition regulations. Risk assessments and method statements for the electrical installation work can be furnished upon request.

Risk assessments and moving parts assessments are key components of our approach to interlocking devices. We believe in comprehensive *machine guarding* that prioritizes safety at every step. Our interlocking solutions are seamlessly integrated into your control system, providing an added layer of security to fixed guards.


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Why Procter Machine Safety?

At Procter Machine Safety, we are not just safeguarding machines; we are preserving lives and enhancing business productivity. With over 30 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing customized interlocked machinery guards, our commitment to safety is unwavering. We offer comprehensive solutions that comply with the highest safety standards while seamlessly integrating into your operations. Your safety is our priority, and your business efficiency is our mission. Trust Procter Machine Safety to protect your people, your equipment, and your success.