Tailored Machine Safety for Construction

Machine guarding for construction
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Manufacturers of construction products deliver a diverse range of standard and bespoke goods that, between them, employ almost every conceivable production process.

Enhance Worker Safety and Compliance

Procter Machine Safety, as the UK’s leading specialist, works with all types of machine guard and is therefore well placed to serve this market. Our attention to detail, high quality and rapid on-site installation mean OEMs and end users trust us to provide standards-compliant machine guards that do not hinder production.

In addition to the above, we have provided extensive guarding for the other businesses in the Procter Brothers group that manufacture cast stone, concrete products, architectural metalwork, fencing, gates and street furniture.

Why Manufacturers of Construction Products Need Machine Guarding

Manufacturers in the construction sector, whether producing one-offs or high volumes of products, share a common obligation: ensuring the safety of their workers. Failure to do so can result in costly consequences. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) may initiate investigations and prosecutions in case of accidents, leading to fines, equipment damage, downtime, and other expenses. Compliance with regulations like PUWER, The Health and Safety at Work Act, and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations is crucial.

Machine builders and suppliers must also adhere to regulations like the UK’s Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. Procter’s machine guards are designed, manufactured, and installed in full compliance with these standards, making them suitable for use in production, packaging, and warehousing environments.

Enhancing Safety When Working at Height

In construction, access to machinery for production and maintenance tasks at height is common. Temporary scaffolding can be costly and ladders less safe. Permanent means of access are a better alternative. We offer comprehensive solutions, including risk assessments, site surveys, and the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke access platforms, walkways, guard rails, stairways, and ladders.

Our Comprehensive Service

Procter Machine Safety provides a turnkey service that streamlines projects and ensures high quality and timely delivery. Our service includes machine surveys, site surveys, risk assessments, PUWER inspections, stakeholder consultations, design, manufacture, and mechanical and electrical installation. We can work on your schedule, including overnight, weekends, or during scheduled shutdowns. Our expertise extends to designing safety-related control systems and modifications to incorporate additional safety devices.

Diverse Types of Guarding

The construction industry uses a wide range of machinery, and our guarding solutions are equally diverse. Depending on your products and requirements, we supply various types of machine guarding, including modular perimeter guarding, bespoke guarding or enclosures, conveyor guards, and bespoke acoustic enclosures. We also offer preinstalled interlocks, light guards, safety devices, and customized access platforms, walkways, stairs, and fixed ladders.

  • modular perimeter guarding with steel framing and infills of wire mesh, steel sheet or clear polycarbonate
  • bespoke guarding or enclosures comprising fixed and/or movable sections, with the option to incorporate dust/fume extraction, noise attenuation, etc
  • conveyor guards
  • bespoke acoustic enclosures

In addition, we offer:

  • preinstalled interlocks, optionally sealed to IP68 if required for wet processes
  • light guards and other safety devices, also sealed to IP68 if required
  • bespoke access platforms, walkways, stairs and fixed ladders

Design and Construction Excellence

Our machinery safety experts bring decades of experience in guarding, backed by in-depth knowledge of standards and regulations. Our guards meet or exceed the requirements of machinery safety standards like BS EN ISO 12100, BS EN ISO 14120, BS EN ISO 13855, and BS EN ISO 13857. We can also tailor solutions to your in-house specifications or standards.

Thanks to our in-house capabilities, we have precise control over the design, manufacture, and finishing processes. We ensure that guarding fits perfectly when installed on your machinery, reducing downtime and ensuring safety.

Choose Procter for Your Construction Machine Safety Needs

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System covers the design, manufacture, and installation of machine guards. When it comes to protecting workers, ensuring compliance, and optimizing production, Procter Machine Safety is your trusted partner in the construction industry.


Installation service

OEMs and end users find our installation services provide the following benefits:

  • experienced fitters achieve a high-quality finish
  • large team of fitters for rapid installation
  • safety devices connected in compliance with standards
  • installation at times to suit production schedules and planned maintenance shutdowns
  • OEMs can remain focused on the aspects of the machine that add greatest value

If you are an OEM or end user involved in the manufacture of construction products, download our literature or contact us to discuss your requirements for machine guards, access platforms, walkways, stairs or fixed ladders.

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