Machine Safety Accessories for Enhanced Protection

Welcome to our Machine Safety Accessories page, where we offer a wide range of accessories designed to complement our modular guarding systems and perimeter fencing. These accessories are essential for enhancing safety and flexibility in various industrial applications.

Explore our Range of Accessories

Cable Duct Support

Our cable duct support system allows for the direct anchoring of cable ducts to the upright (Basic or Strong) without the need for special brackets. It offers fast insertion into the upright, anchoring with screws for standard brackets (supplied with the ducts).

Support Struts

When dealing with horizontal dynamic loads due to large doors or complex protection system layouts, our support struts can strengthen the uprights of the Basic and Strong Series, providing convenient and effective stabilisation.

Cutting Kit

Our cutting kit systems enable quick and easy adaptation of SATECH standard panels in unforeseen assembly situations. They also allow for easy re-configuration of the layout if needed in the future.

Variable Angle Joint

This accessory proves invaluable during installation when the angle between panels and uprights varies from 90 degrees.


Our padlocks seamlessly integrate with our range of panels and posts, adding an extra layer of security to your safety system.

These accessories are designed to improve the versatility and effectiveness of your modular guarding systems, ensuring that your industrial environment remains safe and adaptable to changing needs.

Browse through our selection and enhance the safety and flexibility of your machine guarding systems today. Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.