Safety laser

Safety laser scanners provide optimal safeguarding solutions for machines such as automated guided vehicles (AGV) and robotic cells, and are a preferred alternative to hard guarding and safety mats.

These devices meet the highest safety standards of Type3, SIL2, Category3, and PLd. Even though these are compact, they feature a wide detection range and are equipped with functions such as muting and bank settings.


Safety measures are essential for any manufacturing site. However, sometimes those safety measures come at the cost of productivity.

We work with a range of safety laser scanners with the latest technologies and concepts that combine to provide both safety and productivity.

New scanning technology

With a large customisable protection zone of 8.4 m, the SZ-V offers protection over a wide area. In addition, with a strong defence against dust and mist, the SZ-V helps reduce detection errors and contributes to maintaining a high level of productivity.

Status monitoring with just a main unit

The SZ-V brings together the world’s first concept featuring a main unit LCD and a detachable system in an effort to resolve the inability to visually see the point of detection, a common concern with conventional laser scanner models.

Easy to use in all scenarios

The SZ-V is designed for ease of use in a variety of situations, from laser scanner configuration to maintenance. This helps to reduce the number of man-hours required.

Innovative safety options for any situation

If you have a safety concern in your workplace, we can help.
Our unrivalled industry expertise and knowledge of safety standards means we can design, manufacture and install a safety system to suit your operational requirements.

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