A Safe factory is
a Productive One

The BASIC range is a versatile, cost-effective and fully H&S Compliant Modular Perimeter guarding system.

It allows the user to create almost any guarding layout required using all standard components, and is suitable for any machinery layout. It consists of 40×40 uprights and 20×20 panels with frames, connected by bolts or patented fast assembly clamps. It is the standard method used in all guards for plant and machinery.

Complete and versatile framed Perimeter Safety Guard.

BASIC is a Perimeter Guarding Solution for any machinery layout and can be complemented with a wide range of accessories and doors.

BASIC is an EN ISO 14120-compliant Perimeter Guarding System that’s extremely versatile. Available with two assembly options – Captive Nuts and Bolts (for impacts up to 1608 J) and Quick Clamp (to reduce assembly time)- as well as two baseplates options for a great range of applications.


The modular design, ergonomics, ease of assembly and full compatibility with doors and accessories make BASIC a proper solution for most industries. It is widely used in industries such as Logistics, Warehousing and Packaging.

Compliant and Safe

The BASIC Modular Fencing is designed and built according to the EN ISO 14120 standard and meets the safety requirements required in the Risk Analysis.

Bespoke options

Where “special” panels are required these can easily be manufactured to match. Any of our range of access doors can be supplied to match the BASIC system.

This perimeter fencing system is extremely easy and quick to assemble on site and comes complete with assembly instructions and all necessary fittings, securely packed on a wooden pallet. The unique adjustable baseplates ensure that a level guard-line can be achieved on a slightly uneven floor.

We can also offer a variety of infill options. These include polycarbonate, mesh and steel.