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PUWER Inspection

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations require companies to inspect new work equipment when it is first used and periodically thereafter. The scope of PUWER is very broad but Procter Machine Safety has specialist expertise that we can apply to the inspection of machinery within the context of PUWER compliance.

A crucial element of a PUWER inspection (or PUWER assessment) on machinery is a risk assessment and we also offer a Machine Risk Assessment service for organisations that only require a third-party risk assessment. PUWER inspections must be carried out thoroughly and the results recorded. If non-compliances are identified, appropriate action should be taken. Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, it might be necessary to take immediate action to make the machine safe before it is used, or it might be sufficient to plan rectifications for a convenient time. Sometimes the only action required is the provision of information, instruction, training or supervision. Procter Machine Safety offers a PUWER Inspection service that provides the following advantages for you:

  • An independent third-party inspection is often preferred when a new machine is first being put into use
  • Our experts have specialist knowledge of PUWER and machine guarding standards that is seldom possessed by end users
  • We can inspect individual machines (whether simple or complex) or multiple machines at one or more sites
  • Our machinery safety experts are TUV-certified
  • We have extensive experience of many different industries
  • Our illustrated reports show non-compliances clearly
  • We can support you in addressing non-compliances
  • Our experts understand how far it is necessary to go when ensuring risks are controlled ‘as far as reasonably practicable’

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