Tailored Machine Safety Solutions for Machine Builders and Integrators

As a leading guarding specialist, Procter Machine Safety is your trusted partner for comprehensive machine safety solutions designed specifically for machine builders and system integrators. Whether you are working on a small standalone machine, a sophisticated machine tool, a complex assembly of linked machines, or a special-purpose machine for production or research, we have the expertise to deliver cost-effective guarding solutions that prioritize safety without compromising functionality or maintenance.

Our designers possess extensive industry experience and an in-depth understanding of machinery safety standards, ensuring that the guarding we provide is not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. We are equally proficient in supplying guards for new machines or enhancing the safety of existing machinery through modernization, refurbishment, upgrades, or adaptations.

Complete Safety Solutions Beyond Physical Guarding:

Our capabilities extend beyond the design, manufacture, and installation of physical guarding. We also excel in control systems related to guarding, including guard switches, emergency stop pushbuttons, safety light curtains, pressure-sensitive mats, and more. If needed, our team can design and implement the entire safety-related control system, including on-site wiring and commissioning.

Compliance with Stringent Standards:

All our machine guards are meticulously designed, manufactured, and finished at our South Wales factory, allowing us complete control over quality and delivery times. Our guards comply with all relevant standards, including EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 14120, and EN ISO 13857. We identify and adhere to the relevant standards during the design phase, covering A-Type, B-Type, and C-Type machinery safety harmonized standards, in addition to any specific standards not harmonized with the machinery directive. We can also comply with in-house standards or codes of practice specified by the customer or end user.

Production Capabilities for Custom Guarding:

Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC punch presses, press brakes, welding, and finishing plants, we can manufacture and assemble various types of guards tailored to the unique needs of machine builders. Our materials range from mild steel, welded wire mesh, aluminum, stainless steel, to polycarbonate, ensuring compatibility with diverse applications. Mild steel guards can undergo hot-dip galvanizing and/or polyester powder coating for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.


Why Outsource Machine Guarding to Procter:

  • Cost Savings: Our specialists provide cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions, saving you money.

  • Time Efficiency: Our dedicated design and manufacturing teams streamline the process, ensuring timely delivery.

  • Standards Expertise: Our designers possess comprehensive knowledge of relevant safety standards.

  • Risk Reduction: Our experienced design teams minimize risks to meet safety objectives.

  • Resource Optimisation: By outsourcing guarding, your in-house designers can focus on innovation.

Variety of Guarding and Access Solutions:

Machine builders create a diverse range of machinery, necessitating various types of guarding. Depending on your application and requirements, we can supply close-fitting machine guards, modular aluminum guards, fully-enclosed acoustic enclosures, modular perimeter guarding, and more. We also offer interlocks, guard switches, safety light curtains, pressure-sensitive edges, mats, and other safety devices.

Tailored Access Platforms:

For larger machinery, we provide custom-designed access platforms, stairs, or fixed ladders. Our services include site surveys, CAD-based designs, manufacturing, finishing, and installation of access solutions.

Comprehensive Service Package:

Our turnkey service encompasses machine surveys, site surveys, risk assessments, stakeholder consultations, design, manufacture, electrical integration, safety-related control systems, modifications to existing systems, and on-site installation. We accommodate your schedule, including overnight, weekend, or scheduled shutdowns.

Elevate your machinery safety standards with Procter Machine Safety. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our tailored solutions.

Installation service

Our installation services is popular among machine builders for guarding, and all but essential for access platforms, stairs and fixed ladders. Benefits of our installation service include:

  • highly experienced fitters
  • large team of fitters enables installations to be completed very quickly
  • our electricians connect electrical items in compliance with the necessary standards
  • installation at times that avoid disruption
  • your fitters can remain focused on the more technical aspects of the machine

Need Help?

If you are a machine builder or system integrator and are considering outsourcing machine guarding, access platforms, stairs or fixed ladders, contact us to discuss your requirements.