Elevate Aerospace Safety with Procter Machine Safety Solutions

We have a long track record of supplying standard and bespoke machine guarding to the aerospace industry in the UK and overseas.

High-Quality Machine Guarding & Access Platforms

In addition, we design, manufacture and install bespoke access platforms, stairways and fixed ladders. Customers in the aerospace industry like our high quality, attention to detail, adherence to tight deadlines and compliance with machinery safety standards. Our experienced designers take account of ergonomics to ensure our guards protect workers without hindering productivity, while also being quick to remove for maintenance.

Compliance with Stringent Standards

Our machine guards are designed, fabricated and finished in our factory in South Wales, so we have total control over quality and deliveries. As an example of the standards that we work to, machine guards for aerospace plants in Europe meet the requirements of the following:

  • EN ISO 12100
  • EN ISO 14120
  • EN ISO 13855
  • EN ISO 13857

If requested, we can also comply with in-house specifications and standards provided by the customer or end user.

Production capability

We use state-of-the-art production equipment including a CNC punch press and press brake, welding and finishing plant. The design, manufacture and installation of machine guards is covered by our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Why Machine Guarding in Aerospace Matters

In the aerospace industry, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers share legal and moral obligations to ensure worker safety. Machine guarding plays a crucial role in preventing accidents by effectively separating workers from hazardous machinery. Enclosure-type guarding also safeguards against component and process contamination. Given the high cost of downtime in the aerospace sector, preventing even minor accidents is of paramount importance.

Types of

The requirements for machine guarding vary greatly, depending on the application and whether the customer is an OEM or Tier 1, 2 or 3 supplier. Nevertheless, aerospace customers usually need one or more types of machine guard:

  • modular perimeter guarding with steel or aluminium framing and welded wire mesh, sheet steel, composite or polycarbonate infill panels
  • bespoke guarding or enclosures comprising fixed and/or movable sections; these can be fabricated from steel or aluminium and we can optionally incorporate fume extraction, swarf conveyors, etc
  • bespoke acoustic enclosures
  • standard workshop guards

In addition, we offer:

  • interlocks, key-exchange systems, light guards, laser area scanners, pressure-sensitive mats and other safety devices
  • bespoke access platforms, stairs and fixed ladders
  • barriers, corner protectors, bollards, etc to protect against damage from mechanical handling equipment
  • modular clean rooms

Comprehensive service for
the aerospace industry

We undertake all aspects of the work:

  • machine surveys
  • risk assessments
  • stakeholder consultations
  • design
  • manufacture
  • electrical integration
  • modifications to safety-related control systems to accommodate new safety devices
  • installation at times to suit the customer and/or end user – such as overnight, at weekends or during scheduled shutdowns

Installation service

Aerospace customers normally use our installation service so as to minimise disruption and ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible and to the highest standards. Benefits of using our installation service include:

  • highly experienced fitters
  • large team of fitters enables installations to be completed very quickly
  • our electricians integrate guard switches and other electrical items in compliance with the necessary standards
  • installation at convenient times, such as overnight, at weekends and during scheduled maintenance shutdowns

Need Help?

If you are an OEM or supplier in the aerospace industry, talk to us about your requirements for machine guards, access platforms, walkways or fixed ladders.