Key exchange

Key exchange boxes form part of the integrated safety system solution in machinery and switchgear applications.

In complex operations a number of isolations and/or multiple access points may need to occur to ensure that protected areas are safe to work on. The exchange boxes enable both multiple isolations as well as multiple access through the transfer of keys.

Our range of key exchange systems and solutions are designed to be robust, durable and are proven in all types of operating environments that meet the demands of the harsh locations our customers operate in. Above all, they are designed to protect personnel where the risk of injury and damage are high.

Electrical interface work

If key exchange boxes form part of a machine guarding solution that we are installing, our electricians can connect these to the machine’s safety-related control system. All of our electrical installations comply with the requirements in BS EN ISO 13849-1 or BS EN 62061 and members of our electrical installation team are also certified to the current IEE 17th edition regulations. Risk assessments and method statements covering the electrical installation work can be provided on request.

Innovative safety options for any situation

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