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Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are essential when designing new machines or modifying existing machines. Furthermore, PUWER regulations require companies to undertake assessments when new work equipment is first used and periodically thereafter; risk assessments are integral to PUWER inspections.

Machinery risk assessments and PUWER inspections must be carried out thoroughly and the results recorded. Mitigating actions can then be taken to reduce the risks until they are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Procter Machine Safety offers a Machine Risk Assessment and PUWER Inspection service. The advantages for you include:

  • Risk assessments on proposed designs, part-built or completed new machines, and existing plant
  • PUWER inspections of new and existing machines
  • Individual machines, whether simple or complex, or multiple machines at one or more sites
  • TUV-certified machinery safety experts
  • Extensive experience of many different industries
  • Detailed working knowledge of standards and regulations
  • Illustrated reports showing areas of non-compliance
  • We can support you in addressing non-compliances

If you would like a quote for a machine risk assessment or PUWER inspection, please complete the form below and attach documentation such as an asset list so we can respond as quickly as possible. We also offer a free compliance survey for machine guards.

If you are contemplating carrying out an indicative risk assessment, perhaps as a precursor to seeking an expert’s view, we offer a free Risk Assessment Calculator based on EN ISO 12100:2010 (essentially an ISO 12100 risk assessment template). This incorporates checklists and look-up tables to help you assess almost any static machinery. You may also like to download our PUWER White Paper.

To inquire about a machine risk assessment or PUWER inspection, please fill in the form below.

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