Bespoke Perimeter
Machine Guards

Tailored Perimeter Guarding Solutions for Your Safety Needs

Perimeter guards, those essential safety fencing barriers encircling work areas where automated machinery, like robotic arms, operates, are crucial. Our bespoke perimeter guarding systems provide protection for challenging-to-guard hazardous zones, surpassing the limitations of standard components.

Tailored Perimeter Guarding Solutions for Your Safety Needs

When our standard modular perimeter guarding systems don’t align with your requirements, whether it’s minimizing the footprint of a robot cell or other unique needs, we step in with tailored designs, manufacturing, and installation services.

Our perimeter guarding systems find ideal application around dangerous equipment and hazardous zones within industrial, processing, and manufacturing facilities. These bespoke solutions boast swift installation, space efficiency (compliant with the safety distance standard BS EN ISO 13857), and the aesthetics you desire. They can also facilitate the quick removal of panels during machine maintenance and adapt to changing needs.

A Range of Specifications for Your Safety Requirements

Our specifications are molded by the application’s demands and your preferences. Bespoke perimeter guards offer various infill material options, including welded wire mesh, powder-coated sheet steel, clear polycarbonate, stainless steel, or combinations, catering to light-, medium-, heavy-duty, and temporary guarding needs.

Custom panels can feature cut-outs for conveyors, control panels, structural elements, or other specific requirements.

Access Doors for Convenience

Choose from an array of access door styles, including hinged single or double doors, sliding doors with top or bottom tracks, and trackless cantilevered doors for crane or forklift access. Manual or powered rise-and-fall doors, including high-speed roller doors for automated production setups, are available. Our doors can come pre-equipped with suitable interlocks and light guards, seamlessly integrating with your machine’s safety-related control system.


Supply Options to Suit Your Needs

Our perimeter guarding systems are designed for user-friendly installation. You can choose to install them yourself or opt for our installation service, which also offers electrical installation for door interlocks, safety light guards, emergency stop switches, and other safety components.

Standards and Compliance

Procter’s perimeter machine guarding is meticulously crafted to align with current machine safety standards and regulations, including BS EN ISO 14120 and BS EN ISO 13857. When applicable, our guarding solutions arrive with a Declaration of Conformity and bear the CE mark, demonstrating compliance with the Machinery Directive. We uphold an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management system, encompassing guard design, manufacture, and installation.

World-Class Manufacturing Capability

Each bespoke machine guard originates in our state-of-the-art 36,000 sq. ft. production facility in South Wales. We’ve heavily invested in cutting-edge sheet metal punches, press brakes, painting, and powder-coating equipment to ensure the highest quality. With over 70 experienced designers and engineers on staff, our in-house manufacturing guarantees precise control over quality and delivery times.

The UK’s Premier Perimeter Guarding Specialist

With a history dating back to 1740 and a team boasting over 250 years of combined industry knowledge, we’ve earned the trust of customers. Procter Machine Safety stands as the leading manufacturer of high-quality, standards-compliant perimeter guards. Our comprehensive services encompass site surveys, risk assessments, stakeholder consultations, design, manufacturing, and installation.

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