Emergency stop devices are specialised electrical switches that are used to permit operators to stop machinery if a hazardous situation should arise.

We offer a range of e-stops include enabling switches and cable pull switches. This includes safety pull ropes which allow emergency command from any point along the installed wire length.

Grip Enabling Switches

Our Grip Switches can be used as part of the conditions required to allow safe working inside a machine guard. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy use. The standard model includes two independent three-position switches which are actuated by squeezing the trigger. Additional models are available with an optional jog button or dual channel e-stop button.

Cable Pull Switches

Our Cable Pull Switches have a steel wire rope connected to latching pull switches. When you pull on the rope in any direction at any point along its length, you will trip the switch to stop the machine power.

Electrical interface work

All of our electrical installations comply with the requirements in BS EN ISO 13849-1 or BS EN 62061 and members of our electrical installation team are also certified to the current IEE 17th edition regulations. Risk assessments and method statements covering the electrical installation work can be provided on request.

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