A safety relay is a device that monitors for potential errors or faults in machinery or plants and works to prevent injury and reduce risk. When an error occurs, the safety relay initiates a response to bring the risk back to a safe, acceptable level. Safety relays protect both machinery and employees, preventing potential expensive maintenance and equipment replacement.

A Safe factory is a productive one

Compact design, flexible usage and variable connection options – these are the strengths of our range of safe relays. With outstanding technical performance features, high economy and maximum safety, they are perfectly suitable for monitoring individual safety functions.


  • Individual connection technology with pluggable screw or push-in terminals
  • Large LED displays for status queries
  • Compatible with all safe sensors
  • Switching power of AC/DC loads up to 8 A


  • Convenient diagnosis on the device itself for high system availability and low downtimes
  • Efficient commissioning and the simplest possible wiring thanks to devices with pluggable connections
  • Economical and easy-to-use: Complete solution from just one source
  • Ideal solution for compact machines with high productivity through fast response times


Safe relays from Wieland for the simple performance of individual safety functions:

  • Monitoring of safety doors and flaps
  • Interlocking devices
  • Access monitoring
  • Speed, standstill and position monitoring
  • Emergency Stop functions and restart inhibitors
  • Two-hand operating devices

Electrical interface work

If safe relays form part of a machine guard that we are installing, our electricians can connect these to the machine’s safety-related control system. Our electrical installations comply with the requirements in BS EN ISO 13849-1 or BS EN 62061 and members of our electrical installation team are also certified to the current IEE 17th edition regulations.

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