Acoustic Enclosures for Noise Control

Advanced Acoustic Enclosures for Noise Control and Operator Safety

Welcome to our Acoustic Enclosures page, where we bring you cutting-edge solutions for noise control and the safety of your workforce. Procter’s acoustic enclosures are designed with a clear focus on compliance with Noise Regulations and the Machinery Directive. We offer a diverse range of enclosure options tailored to your specific needs.

What Sets Our Acoustic Enclosures Apart?

Our acoustic enclosures are more than just steel structures; they’re engineered to deliver exceptional noise reduction performance. Here’s why our enclosures stand out:

  • Advanced Sound-Dampening Technology: Our enclosures optimize sound-deadening and sound-absorbing materials to effectively reduce noise levels.

  • Sound-Proofing Excellence: We ensure thorough sound-proofing around doors and openings, minimizing noise escape points.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Optional double-glazed viewing panels allow equipment monitoring without compromising noise containment.

  • Operator Safety: We prioritize operator and maintenance personnel safety with secure access points, incorporating interlocks where necessary.

  • Versatile Design: Our enclosures are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, constructed from durable galvanized steel.

  • Atex Rating Compliance: When needed, our enclosures meet Atex rating standards, ensuring safe operation in hazardous environments.

Applications of Acoustic Enclosures

Our expertise extends to designing, manufacturing, and installing acoustic enclosures for various applications, including:

  • Air compressors
  • Generators
  • Cable stranding machinery
  • Metal cutting machines
  • Pump enclosures

Professional Installation Services

Our highly trained and experienced installation team works according to your schedule, whether it’s overnight, on weekends, or during seasonal shutdowns.

Ensuring Compliance

We understand the importance of compliance. We collaborate with specialist noise consultants when required, conducting thorough noise assessments to establish baseline noise levels before installation. Our enclosures are designed to meet the stringent requirements of BS EN 15667 and BS EN 14120, ensuring compliance with the Machinery Directive and Noise Regulations.

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Machine types

We provide guarding, enclosures and covers for CNC machining centres, CNC and manual milling machines, lathes, turning centres, vertical boring machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, saws, cutting machines (laser, plasma, water jet and oxy-fuel), punching machines, press brakes, large-format digital printers, and 3D printers (sometimes referred to as rapid prototyping (RP), rapid manufacturing (RM) and additive manufacturing (AM) machines). In addition, we serve manufacturers of test rigs, inspection systems, assembly cells and assembly lines.

Optimised design

Our immense experience in this field enables us to achieve the optimum design for safety, productivity, maintainability and aesthetics. The guards, enclosures and covers are usually manufactured from sheet steel with viewing panels of polycarbonate or safety glass. Steel components are finished in abrasion-resistant paint or a tough polyester powder coating to provide an excellent aesthetic and protection from swarf, cutting fluids and other substances.

For some OEM and machine builders we import their CAD files and manufacture to these designs, while others entrust our specialists with the design. We can also work with industrial designers to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Safe access

Safe access to machines is vital for efficient loading, unloading, set-up, operation, cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the requirements, we incorporate doors – which might be hinged, sliding (on straight or curved tracks), rise-and-fall or powered roller types – and lift-off or hinged access panels. Safety light curtains can be installed where rapid unimpeded access is required, provided there is no risk from ejected particles or hazardous emissions. Appropriate safety measures are applied to panels and doors, ranging from captive fasteners through to high-integrity interlocks.

Additional features

For noisy machines we can add sound attenuation to create acoustic enclosures and meet the appropriate legal requirements. Other options include coolant and swarf handling systems, dust and fume extraction, and control panels or consoles.


Sheet metal components are processed using our state-of-the-art CNC punch press and press brake, and we have in-house welding and powder coating. We therefore maintain control over quality and lead times for the entire production process.

Finished guards are trial-assembled at our factory prior to despatch to ensure everything fits as it should.

Installation service

If required, our highly trained and experienced fitters can install guards, enclosures and covers at times to suit your production schedules.

Standards compliance

Our machine safety design experts have over 250 years of knowledge and experience between them, as well as a detailed working knowledge of the relevant British, European and International standards. We will work closely with you to ensure your guards comply with the relevant standards so you can CE mark your machines to the Machinery Directive.

We adhere to an ISO 9001 Quality Management System covering the design, manufacture and installation of machine guards.

Why choose us?

  • We are one of the largest, oldest and most experienced steel product manufacturers in the UK
  • Procter provide a true turnkey package; we can design, punch, fabricate, paint and assemble.
  • This single-source solution approach to contract manufacturing leads to reduced costs that we pass along to our customers
  • All our enclosures are fully HSE compliant, quality assured to ISO 9001 and come with a certificate of conformity

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