Satech Machine Guards Series Differences Explained


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Procter Machine Guarding is a UK distributor for the cost-effective modular Satech perimeter machine guarding system. One of the main advantages of this system is that it is offered in different series to suit various types of application, so customers only pay for what they need. This article outlines the characteristics, explains the Satech series differences and explains how to choose between them.

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Approximately 70 percent of Satech applications are suitable for the Satech Basic series, with virtually all of the remaining 30 percent being better served by the Satech Strong series. Of course, no modular system can ever be optimum for every application, so in some circumstances, customers specify one of these alternatives: other Satech series; Procter Machine Guarding’s modular Angel machine guarding system; or custom designed machine guards manufactured by Procter. There are also projects for which the majority or the guarding can be implemented using standard modular components, with Procter creating bespoke guarding for awkward areas or where solid panels are required to provide greater protection, for example. In all cases, it is vital to perform a BS EN ISO 12100 risk assessment before specifying any guarding, and guards must be correctly positioned relative to the hazards (as per BS EN ISO 13857).

Satech Basic modular perimeter guarding is very cost-effective for general perimeter guarding. It features uprights manufactured from 40x40x2mm rolled hollow section steel, together with framed panels in which the frame is fabricated from 20x20mm steel with 3mm welded wire mesh infill on a 22x100mm grid. The posts are supported on base plates formed from steel plate with three or four pre-punched holes for securing the guarding to the floor. All posts are height-adjustable to accommodate for uneven floors, and the posts are offered in five nominal heights from 1120mm to 2640mm. Panels are available in four heights from 960 to 1900mm and in seven widths from 200mm to 1500mm. Customers can choose either screwed assembly or the Satech patented fast assembly clamps for joining panels and posts. All components are finished in a tough polyester powder coat; posts and panels can be supplied in RAL 9005 black, RAL 1021 yellow, RAL 7035 grey or custom colours, though the most common combination is yellow posts and black panels for good visibility of the guarding and the process beyond. Typical applications for the Satech Basic series include general machine perimeter guarding and warehousing.

Satech Strong is a heavier-duty modular perimeter guarding system that is often specified for applications such as robotic cells and guarding in metal processing industries. Nevertheless, the modular concept and quick installation ensure that even this highly robust system remains very cost-effective. One of the Satech series differences between Strong and Basic is that the Strong series features uprights manufactured from 60x60x2mm rolled hollow section steel, together with framed panels in which the frame is fabricated from either 20x20mm or 30x30mm steel; the welded wire mesh remains the same, being a 3mm wire on a 22x100mm grid. Patented fast assembly clamps enable the guards to be assembled quickly and easily – and disassembled again if access is required for maintenance. Whereas the Basic series uses separate posts and base plates, the Strong series benefits from steel bases that are welded to the post for additional strength and pre-punched with four mounting holes for fixing to the floor. As with the Basic series, the posts are offered in five nominal heights from 1120mm to 2640mm, and panels in four heights from 960 to 1900mm and in seven widths from200mm to 1500mm. Customers also have the same choice of colours.

To complement the Satech Basic and Strong series, Procter Machine Guarding can supply the extensive range of Satech doors in a broad choice of heights and widths. Single- and double-leaf swing doors are available, as well as single- and double-leaf sliding doors that are either suspended or guided by a floor-mounted track. For applications requiring a wide opening but with space on one side only, there is a sliding telescopic door; if a very large opening is required (up to 3000mm wide) a double telescopic door can be specified. All of the door options are compatible with the Satech Basic and Strong series of modular perimeter guards.

As well as the popular Satech Basic and Strong systems, Procter Machine Guarding also offers the Satech Green Fast and MDF series. Detailed information about the differences in these Satech series is contained in the SATECH Brochure that can be downloaded from the Procter website but, in essence, the Green Fast series is characterised by self-supporting panels with integral feet, so there are no separate posts or base plates. This means that one-man assembly can be very quick and easy. Green Fast is suitable for general machine guarding applications as with the Satech Basic series. The MDF series is particularly useful for applications where a one-man assembly is required or where only one side of the guard is accessible, as this series benefits from being assembled without the need for through-screws. While the MDF series has 40x40mm uprights similar to the Basic series, the MDF series uses frameless profiled mesh panels that are easily cut to the required width on site, then fixed in position using U-shaped clamps that are secured to the posts by means of captive screws.

Another Satech product offered by Procter Machine Guarding is the Body Guard series of fall-prevention barriers. These are suitable for one-man assembly using threaded fasteners – hence no on-site welding, grinding or painting – and, unlike traditional barriers, they can be readily disassembled for temporary access or for reuse elsewhere. Download the Satech brochure for more information about the Body Guard series.

To inquire about Satech cost-effective modular perimeter guarding, telephone us, email visit the Modular Perimeter Guards section of the Procter Machine Guarding.

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