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Perimeter machine guards

Perimeter machine guards refer to a barrier placed around a work area where an automated piece of equipment-like a robotic arm-performs a function. Procter offers a choice of standard modular systems or bespoke guarding. Some customers opt for mainly standard products but with bespoke items for areas that would be difficult to guard using standard components.

SATECH® modular perimeter machine guarding

SATECH® modular guard is a cost-effective modular perimeter guarding system for customers in the UK and Ireland. The system includes a comprehensive range of panels, posts, access doors, bracketry and accessories. See more details of SATECH perimeter guards.

Bespoke perimeter machine guarding

If none of our standard modular perimeter guarding systems meets your needs – perhaps you want to minimise the footprint of a robot cell, for example – we can design, manufacture and install guarding tailored to your application. Our bespoke perimeter guards are designed to be fast to install, space-saving (but still compliant with the safety distance standard BS EN ISO 13857), and provide the aesthetic that you want. They can also be designed to allow for quick removal of panels when machine maintenance is required, and they can be adapted or modified if your needs change.

Choice of specifications

The specification will be determined by the application’s requirements and your preferences. Infill material options for bespoke perimeter guards include welded wire mesh, powder-coated sheet steel, clear polycarbonate, stainless steel or combinations of these, in a choice of specifications to suit light-, medium-, heavy-duty and temporary guarding applications. Special panels can be manufactured with cut-outs for conveyors, control panels, structural members or other purposes.

Access doors

Access doors are available in various styles, including hinged single or double doors, sliding doors with top or bottom track, and trackless cantilevered doors for a crane or forklift access. Rise-and-fall doors can be supplied for manual or powered operation, including high-speed roller doors for automated production applications. Suitable interlocks can be pre-installed on each door.

Supply only or supply and install

Our perimeter guarding is designed for ease of installation. Customers can, therefore, do this themselves or use our installation service, with a further option for us to complete the electrical installation of any door interlocks, safety light guards, emergency stop switches and other safety devices.

Standards and regulations

Procter perimeter machine guarding is fully compliant with current machine safety standards and regulations. Where appropriate, the guarding is supplied with a Declaration of Conformity and is CE marked to the Machinery Directive. We adhere to an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management system covering the design, manufacture and installation of machine guards.