Custom Designed Bespoke Machine Guarding

Our design service for custom machine guards is renowned across many industries for its quality, effectiveness and attention to detail.  We have a team of design engineers who all have a comprehensive knowledge of current machine safety standards and HSE requirements, as well as many years of experience in creating individual guarding solutions for a vast range of applications.  This experience enables Procter to achieve the optimum design for safety compliance, high productivity and ease of maintenance.  

Huge Experience Across All Industries Using Machine Guards

Different industries do of course use different types of machinery and therefore the guarding requirements will also be different.  Taking two very different industries as an example, the types of machine used in a paper mill are radically different to those used for car production.  But at Procter Machine Guarding we have designed bespoke guarding solutions for both these industries, with other diverse industry examples including: packaging, printing, food and drink, aerospace, timber processing, construction materials, nuclear facilities, cable manufacturing, consumer white goods manufacturing, chemical works, quarrying, mining, weapons and munitions manufacturing.  So the chances are we have previously designed and manufactured a machine guard for your industry and of the type you need.  

All Relevant Materials Used for Custom Machine Guards

Because of the specific requirements of the many industries we design, manufacture and install custom machine guards for, it's meant we have acquired huge experience and knowledge in working with the fabricating different materials.  We think this is vital because the optimum safety solution and customer requirements should dictate what materials are used, not what we are able to handle.  So materials we typically use for custom machine guards include sheet steel, mesh steel, stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonate.  

Compliance and CE Marking

All our custom machine guards meet the current compliance requirements and, in many cases, will exceed those standards, where applicable, the custom machine guard will be CE marked.  

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