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Steve Allen, a Member of standards committee BSI MCE/3 (Safeguarding of machinery), a Certified Machinery Safety Expert and National Sales Manager at Procter Machine Safety, presents a guide to the special requirements for machine guards used in the food and drink manufacturing industry.

Procter Brothers Limited, the Caerphilly-based manufacturer and service provider, has announced the successful completion of its management buyout. This move…

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The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, more commonly referred to as PUWER, exist to protect workers from…

ukca mark

The new UKCA mark will be required on machinery placed on the market in the UK, whether it is manufactured in the UK or imported to the UK from the EU or elsewhere.

MACH 2014

Steve Allen CMSE, a Member of UK standards committee BSI MCE/3 (Safeguarding of machinery), a Certified Machinery Safety Expert and National Sales Manager of Procter Machine Safety, explains the implications of Brexit for machinery safety standards and regulations in the UK.

Drill Guards

The ROI on risk reduction in machine safety – the true cost of money well spent Procter Machine safety is…


In April 2018 BSI published PD ISO/TS 19837:2018, which is the UK implementation of the new international Technical Specification ISO/TS 19837:2018, ‘Safety of machinery. Trapped key interlocking devices. Principles for design and selection.’ Procter Machine Safety is offering a free white paper that explains the implications for the use of trapped key interlocks on machine guards.


BSI has published BS EN 60204-1:2018 ‘Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1: General requirements’, which supersedes and replaces the previous edition.

designer's guide to machinery guarding standards

Procter Machine Safety has published a new edition of its popular free guide to machinery guarding standards. The 13th edition of ‘On Your Guard’ includes important changes to machine guarding standards since the 12th edition was published in March 2018, plus updated accident statistics from the HSE.