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SATECH Standard Perimeter Modular Guarding

Procter Machine Safety is the main UK distributer for SATECH, a cost-effective modular perimeter guarding system for customers in the UK and Ireland. The SATECH system includes a comprehensive range of panels, posts, access doors, bracketry and accessories. Versatile and economical, the system will appeal to anyone using perimeter guarding, including end-user manufacturers, warehousing, OEMs and automation line builders.

Procter supply the following SATECH Protection products:

SATECH management of the entire production means a total control of the workflow, ensuring a flawless product quality.  The wide range of products in stock and the integrated logistics allow the company to promptly satisfy any kind of request.

Installation is an option

The main benefit of SATECH systems is that they are extremely simple to install in-house. However, if you have limited resources or a particularly complex requirement, customers also have the option of a Procter team installation. Our experienced installation team works quickly and efficiently during weekends or planned maintenance shutdowns, to minimise disruption to production.

To suit each post and panel specification there is a comprehensive choice of hinged and sliding gate designs to fulfil every machine access requirement.

From the customer’s guard layout, Procter will provide a fully detailed CAD drawing with a plan and 3-D views, a full list of all guard components and a fixed price quotation for the supply and delivery of all parts, plus separate installation and electrical costs.

Standards and regulations

Procter SATECH perimeter guarding is fully compliant with current machine safety standards and regulations. Where appropriate, the guarding is supplied with a Declaration of Conformity and is CE marked to the Machinery Directive. We adhere to an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management system covering the design, manufacture and installation of machine guards.

If you have any SATECH queries please contact us by phone or email [email protected].

Remarkably Good Value

Jeremy Procter, Managing Director of Procter Machine Guarding, comments: “We looked at a variety of suppliers before choosing to distribute the SATECH range. This company is not just focussed on selling panels and posts but has designed – and continually develops – associated products that are well thought out to solve the types of problems that our customers frequently encounter. All of the products are fully compliant with the latest standards, they are produced to a consistently high quality, and there is a range of specifications to suit different types of application – so customers do not need to pay for something that is over-engineered for their needs. With cost-effective components that are designed for easy (and speedy) assembly, a fully installed system works out to be remarkably good value.”