New Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards from Procter Machine Safety


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Procter Machine Safety has published the 10th edition of On Your Guard – A Designer’s Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards. This new guide to machinery guarding standards includes updates to the list of machine guarding standard and machinery safety standards in general, as well as changes to the Useful Resources section.

The free PDF download features an extensive table of British, European and International standards; this table lists over 80 standards and published documents, including Type A, Type B1, Type B2 and Type C standards relating to machinery safety

machinery guarding standards

Procter Machine Guarding has published the 10th edition of its popular Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards.

Other changes in the new edition of the guide to guarding standards include revised statistics from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) for industrial accidents. In addition, the authors have taken the opportunity to update the ‘Useful Resources’ and ‘Further Information’ sections.

As with previous editions of this machine safety guide, there is important background information about the current machinery safety regulations and their relationship with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, together with the Directive’s requirements relating to CE marking of machinery and guarding. Risk assessment and risk reduction are also covered, and the guide contains practical advice on how to design machine guards and access controls to comply with the applicable standards and regulations. This guide points readers towards the applicable standards and discusses topics such as materials of construction, lighting, noise reduction, fasteners, safety distances and ergonomics.

Anyone with responsibility for specifying, designing, installing or maintaining machine guards, whatever the nature of the ‘machine’ as defined in the Machinery Directive, will find the new guide to machinery guarding standards essential reading. Follow the link to download a PDF copy of this free machine safety guide. Alternatively, request a copy by telephoning us or email