Machinery Safety Standards of British, European and International Standards (Updated)


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Updated Web Page Lists Machinery Safety Standards

Updated Machine Guarding British Standards

Procter Machine Guarding has updated the page on its website listing standards and other publications relating to machinery safety, including machine guarding.

Recent changes to standards have resulted in some being withdrawn, others combined and many more updated.  The list on the Procter Machine Guarding website includes more than 50 British, European and International standards (BS, EN, ISO and IEC standards), plus two Published Documents and 3 Draft for Public Comment.  There are numerous Type C standards for specific classes of machinery, and readers are also directed to other sources of information about standards – such as the European Commission’s web page for standards harmonised to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The Procter Machine Guarding website contains a wealth of useful resources, both for reading online and for downloading.  As well as the machinery safety standards, for example, there is a downloadable Guide to the New Machinery Directive, a Risk Assessment Calculator, a Safety Distance Calculator, and White Papers on Fixings on Fixed Guards and CE Marking of Guards.

Visit this web page to see the updated list of machinery safety standards or follow the ‘Downloads’ menu to access the free Safety Guides.