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Within the manufacturing industry, there are a lot of rules and regulations which users need to comply with. Over many years there have been a lot of changes to the British and International safety standards, adding more rules & regulations. This is all consistent with the objective to make the manufacturing industry a safer working environment.

Procter machine guarding are always up to date with the British and International Machine Safety Standards and are represented on BSI and International Machine Safety Standards Committees, where there are changes are made, we are first to notify this and incorporate any changes into our products that need to be made.

There are a lot of benefits to having an understanding of the Compliance standards, it’s not just a money saver in the long run but also a lifesaver in many cases. Don’t put your colleagues at risk, click the link below to check the current British Standards and see if you know what you need to do to comply.

For more information on these standards give a call to our experts can talk you through the importance of safety standards and why it is crucial you follow all procedures.

Safety here at Procter always comes first, we help our customers meet their Machine Safety obligations.

To request a free quotation please visit our website and fill out the provided form with a description of your enquiry.

For more information on machinery guarding standards please visit our website. Alternatively, call us or email

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