New Accessories for Satech Modular Guarding


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satech_additions_im1.jpgSeveral new accessories are being launched for the SATECH range of modular perimeter machine guards , which is already one of the most comprehensive on the market. All of the new components are available through Procter Machine Guarding, the sole Satech distributor for the UK and Ireland.

Satech Green Fast self-supporting panels are extremely quick to erect, yet they are robust and secure. Now, to make installation even quicker, a new spring clip is being introduced that enables the tops of the panels to be connected using nothing more than a soft-faced mallet. Impossible to remove without tools, the clips provide a high degree of security.

satech_additions_im2.jpgAnother addition to the Green Fast range is a floor anchorage system that also helps to speed installation. Pressed steel baseplates are ready to be fixed directly to the floor, and these are equipped with twin upright tubes to which the panels are attached. Having one tube slightly taller than the other makes it easier to lower the panel into position. Panel heights can be adjusted ‘in situ’ and then the panels clamped in position.


satech_additions_im3.jpgFor applications where the ‘Light and Strong’ guarding modules are being used in conjunction with large, relatively heavy doors, new support struts and brackets are available for bracing the guard posts to the floor. These triangulation members are low-cost, quick to install and avoid the need to upgrade the guarding to a heavier-duty variant simply to take the loads exerted by the doors. Being strong and stiff with sturdy joints, the struts do not need to be angled far away from the posts and therefore require only minimal floor space.


satech_additions_im4.jpgGuarding of hazards such as conveyors is often best achieved using opening tunnel guards, and the new L-shaped and U-shaped Satech tunnel guards feature gas springs to assist opening. Once open, the guards are held up by the gas spring, giving ample access for cleaning, clearing of blockages or spillages, routine maintenance or any other purpose. Integral guard switches ensure that safety is never is compromised by opening the guard.


satech_additions_im5.jpgWhere pedestrian or vehicular access is required, Satech is introducing a number of new products. Vertical sliding doors are particularly useful for applications such as robot cells where space is at a premium. All Satech vertical sliding doors run on bearing slides and they can be powered either electrically or pneumatically. Alternatively, doors can be supplied with counterbalances so that they can be manually opened to any position


satech_additions_im6.jpgFor large openings, telescopic doors are now available with sequential opening/closing. A smooth sliding action is ensured thanks to the use of linear guides. If required, hinges can also be incorporated so that the doors can be rotated when either fully open or fully closed, depending on the specification. In addition, hinged pedestrian gates can be incorporated within the gates for access when the gates are closed. Another option is to configure the doors as multiple folding elements or, indeed, almost any combination of sliding and hinged motion can be created.


satech_additions_im7.jpgIn exceptional cases, doors can be constructed to provide access through an opening up to 10m wide. Sliding, hinged or telescopic doors can be designed to suit particular applications, all incorporating high-quality, robust components that are easy to operate.


satech_additions_im8.jpgAt the other extreme, Satech is introducing service doors for small and medium-sized openings. Both sliding and hinged doors are offered, equipped with safety switches that may optionally be interlocked to prevent access until the hazard has been made safe. The service doors can be incorporated within any of the standard Satech guarding panels.

More information about all of the above new products is contained in a PDF news bulletin from Satech that is available upon request.

Contact Procter Machine Guarding to request a copy of this bulletin or to discuss any specific guarding requirements. 

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