Webster and Bennett Machine Guarding


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Our customer is a global company with representation in every continent and an international reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of split bearings.

All their products are made in England to the highest specifications.  Procter Machine Guarding’s Neil Phillips, a designer who has over 25 years’ experience at the company has designed a fully compliant and safeguard system to ensure that the user can now operate the machine without risk of injury.

This Webster and Bennett machine guarding system features sheet steel panels to waist height and polycarbonate above.  The two main front doors safe for the operator to do so via an electrical interlock.  When all doors are fully closed the machine is able to work again with full visibility from the user.

If you have a Webster Bennett machine or similar which you would like guarding, please get in touch at info@machinesafety.co.uk or ring us.