New Sliding Gates Offered With Extensive Range of Options


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New sliding gates offered with extensive range of options

Sliding gates are the latest addition to the Angel modular machine guarding system, with an extensive range of options. Procter Machine Guarding is supplying Angel sliding gates in a choice of heights and widths, powered or unpowered, with various mechanical or electrical interlocks preinstalled, and infills of sheet steel, welded wire mesh or clear polycarbonate. Customers can also specify the gates with an innovative trackless cantilever design or a more conventional overhead tracked arrangement.

In common with the rest of the Angel perimeter guarding system, the sliding gates are designed to enhance the working environment by being good-looking as well as robust. Compared with hinged alternatives, the sliding gates require far less space, and the unusual cantilever option allows full-height access for forklift trucks to pass through unhindered. The standard height is 2m but customers can specify any height up to a maximum of 4m. Typically the opening width is 2 or 3m but, again, any width can be specified up to 6m.

Depending on the size and weight of the gate, and the frequency with which access is required, customers can opt for unpowered, free-running gates, or gates with pneumatic or electric actuation. If double-leaf gates are installed, a further option is to have the gates linked so that they open together. All powered gates are provided with a sensitive edge to prevent injury should somebody be trapped as the gate closes. Again, customers have a free choice of pneumatic, electric or fibre-optic technologies for the safe edge.

The unique, modular, yet cost-effective Angel guarding system is renowned for its ease of specification, design and installation, as well as the speed with which a complete system can be configured, delivered and installed. Furthermore, Angel is designed to enhance the appearance of the working environment with its striking colour scheme of black posts, yellow sheet steel infill and fascia panels, and metallic charcoal grey welded mesh infill (other colours can also be specified, often for no extra charge). The new sliding gates also look attractive, with a standard configuration of yellow sheet steel panels with a round ‘porthole’ window of clear polycarbonate.

The sliding gates complement the other types of access already available in the Angel range, which include hinged gates, rise and fall gates, and light curtains. But for factories where wide access is required for forklifts, cranes, or simply for moving bulky objects, the robust, compact, maintenance-free Angel sliding gates are ideal. The long list of options means that customers benefit from gates that truly fulfil their entire needs, and the unusual cantilever option ensures there is no height restriction – and no troublesome tracks to be installed in the floor.

To find out more about Angel, visit the Angel page, or contact Procter Machine Safety to request a free copy of the comprehensive Design Guide.

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