Procter Machine Safety launches Machine Risk Assessment and PUWER Inspection services


PUWER Inspection

For several years Procter Machine Safety has offered free Machine Guarding Compliance Surveys, which have proved extremely popular. Now the company is launching comprehensive Machine Risk Assessment and PUWER Inspection services, headed by National Sales Manager Steve Allen, who has recently completed a Pilz TUV-accredited course and qualified as a Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE). Procter Machine Safety (formerly known as Procter Machine Guarding) has long been recognised as the leading machine guarding specialist in the UK; the additional service offering demonstrates the company’s broader machinery safety expertise.

CMSE leading risk assessment and PUWER assessment services

Steve Allen CMSE is leading the new Risk Assessment and PUWER Inspection services from Procter Machine Safety.

Furthermore, Procter Machine Safety’s extended portfolio now covers everything from risk assessment and site surveys, through to design, manufacture and installation, including interlocking, light guards and electrical equipment. Customers with existing machines will appreciate having access to machinery safety experts who can conduct PUWER Inspection (sometimes referred as PUWER Assessments) and, where non-compliances are identified, suggest practical solutions; if requested, detailed quotations will also be provided.

Risk assessments can be carried out on new machines that are still being designed, are part-finished or complete. They can also be performed on older machines that are in operation, and on pre-owned machines prior to purchase. In addition, risk assessments are essential on machines that are being modified or upgraded.

Each risk assessment identifies the hazards present and estimates the associated risk level. Where risk levels are found to be too high, appropriate measures are recommended that will eliminate the risks or reduce them to tolerable levels.

Many activities carried out by machine operators and maintenance staff present a high risk to themselves and others. Risk assessment is the basis of all machinery safety regulations and standards, and risk assessments enable risk reduction measures to be identified and implemented that are both effective and economical.

Often it takes just a few factors to cause an accident. If you build, retrofit or interlink machinery, a competent risk assessment is the most important basis on which to design safe machines or determine the necessary protection measures.

As part of the risk assessment process, Procter Machine Safety will do the following:

  • Identify the applicable standards and regulations
  • Define the machine’s limits
  • Identify all the risks in each phase of the machine’s lifecycle Estimate and assess the risk
  • Recommend an approach for reducing risk

The intention is to ensure the equipment is safe and meets the minimum requirements of the Machinery Directive or PUWER, as appropriate.

Procter’s PUWER Inspections are limited to machines and do not cover other types of work equipment. However, the company’s specialist expertise is highly beneficial for companies wanting an independent third-party report on new or existing machinery. Most importantly, the Procter Machine Safety engineers understand how far it is necessary to go to ensure that risks are controlled ‘as far as reasonably practicable.’ Illustrated PUWER Inspection Reports are provided, and advice can be given to resolving any non-compliances. Detailed quotations are available on request.

To find out more about Risk Assessments and PUWER Inspection from Procter Machine Safety Services or telephone us or email to discuss specific projects.