Procter Machine Safety Acquires Nelsa Machine Guards Business of Rockwell Automation, Inc.


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Procter Machine Guarding has acquired the Nelsa machine guards business of Rockwell Automation, Inc.  The high-quality and reliable Nelsa machine guard range includes lathe guards, milling machine guards, drill guards, grinding wheel protective screens and chip guards.

During the past five years, Procter has manufactured the complete Nelsa range of guards for Rockwell Automation under a contract manufacturing license, so the company is already fully up to speed with all aspects of the design and manufacture of Nelsa guards.  Now that Procter has full control over the Nelsa product range and brand, the company will be marketing the guards more actively in the UK and overseas, and will also develop the range to meet customer demand.

JSA milling machine guards

Procter Machine Guarding has acquired the Nelsa guards business of Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Jeremy Procter, the Managing director of Procter Machine Guarding, comments: “Having manufactured and supplied the Nelsa guard range for the last five years, I am delighted to have concluded the deal with Rockwell Automation.  I look forward to supplying customers directly, growing the business into new international markets, and offering existing and new customers a first-class service.”

Standard Nelsa guards are available to fit most workshop machinery currently in use, and Procter Machine Guarding also has the expertise and facilities in-house to design and manufacture guards for other machinery, either by modifying existing Nelsa guards or by designing new guards from scratch.  Most standard designs are available for delivery from stock, and non-stocked items can be delivered rapidly thanks to Procter’s flexible manufacturing facility in the UK.  Overs

eas distributors are being sought to help speed delivery to customers around the world.

Nelsa guards are designed to be suitable for retrofitting by a competent fitter, or Procter Machine Guarding offers an installation service for UK customers who have significant numbers of machines that need upgraded guarding.  As part of this service, Procter can also install additional safety-related enhancements such as emergency stop switches, safety light curtains or bespoke infill panels where older machines require more than standard Nelsa guards.  As the UK’s leading machine guarding specialist, Procter is in the ideal position to carry out any guarding work, including undertaking free Guarding Compliance Surveys, detailed surveys of individual machines, guarding design, manufacture and installation.  Currently, the additional services are available to customers in the UK and Ireland only.

For more information about the Nelsa guards and to download a brochure, go to Procter Workshop Machine Guards.  Alternatively, email or telephone to discuss guarding requirements with one of Procter’s Nelsa specialists.