Modular Stores Compounds Save Money


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Modular stores compounds save money

Little in life remains constant, and that is as true for manufacturers as for anybody else. Something that manufacturers are continually rearranging is the stores, both for raw materials and finished products.

Traditional stores compounds are neither simple nor quick to reconfigure; however, the unique modular Angel guarding system from Procter, although developed primarily for machinery perimeter guarding, is ideal for constructing cost-effective reconfigurable stores compounds.

The Angel system consists of modular components that are simple to specify and order – as well as being quick to configure, deliver and install.

Vertical posts are easily fixed to the floor, then universal brackets are attached so that the panelling can be fixed at any angle. Fascia panels hide the bracketry and provide an aesthetically attractive finish.Customers can choose from a variety of different types of infill panel, which is perfect for configuring stores compounds.

As well as welded wire mesh, there are also polycarbonate panels, all-steel panels with or without polycarbonate windows, and the top and bottom halves of panels can be mixed-and-matched to produce the desired effect.

There is also a broad choice of personnel and vehicular access, such as hinged single or double gates, sliding gates, cantilevered gates (suitable for forklift access), or space-efficient rise-and-fall gates. Other options include height-adjustable baseplates, cable trunking, and the customer’s own choice of access controls.

Durable finish

All Angel products are supplied in a durable polyester powder coated finish, with the standard colours being yellow, satin black, gloss black, and metallic charcoal grey.

Alternatively, customers can specify any other colours so that the stores compound blends in with – or contrasts with – the existing factory colour scheme.

Simple specification

Specifying an Angel system is remarkably easy, with most schemes being defined on a single sheet of A4 paper – and the customer is not required to compile a parts list, as the Angel engineers do this as part of the quotation procedure. In fact, the customer merely sketches an outline of the stores compound, indicates where access is required and states what type of access is needed (hinged, sliding, cantilevered or rise-and-fall gates). The Angel engineers then calculate the most cost-effective means of meeting the specification, and they will even provide a quotation for installing the components if requested.

When the time comes to rearrange the stores, the Angel components can be quickly and easily repositioned, or additional posts, panels and access gates can be purchased. Moreover, because all of the Angel components can be reused, the system is extremely cost-effective compared with traditional constructions.

More information about the Angel modular system is available on the Angel product page or contact Procter Machine Safety to request a free copy of the comprehensive Design Guide.

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