Modular Enclosures Are The Perfect Place for Robots


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angel machine guard

Modular enclosures are the perfect place for robots

Procter Machine Guarding’s unique Angel modular machine guarding system is quite probably the simplest, most cost-effective and visually attractive way of constructing an enclosure around a robot installation. Furthermore, if the robot is ever reprogrammed to perform a different task, the Angel enclosure can quickly and easily be reconfigured to suit the new working envelope.

Essentially the Angel system consists of posts, panels and fixing brackets. The patented brackets enable up to four panels to be mounted on a post, and the panels can be attached to the post at any angle. Customers can choose from panels made from sheet steel, welded wire mesh or clear polycarbonate, and there is an extensive range of access gates, doors and accessories, including cable trunking that is fits discreetly along the top of the guarding. Upon request, Procter Machine Guarding can also supply all necessary safeguarding equipment, such as pre-installed interlocks or light guards, plus pressure-sensitive mats or laser area scanners to complete the robot enclosure.

The modular nature of the system allows deliveries of standard components to be completed within ten days of an order being placed, which is a great help for both new projects and existing

installations where a robot is being reprogrammed and the guarding needs to be upgraded.

Because Angel is such a straightforward modular concept, it is very easy for the Angel engineers to design the guarding on the basis of little more than a sketch layout of the robot’s working envelope and the perimeter of any associated machinery inside or adjacent to the robot cell. The customer simply has to specify the guard height required, whether he wants the standard colours (black posts, yellow access gates and sheet panels, and metallic charcoal mesh panels) or custom colours, and what type of gates, interlocks and other safety devices are needed. Further options include integral cable trunking and adjustable feet (for uneven floors).

Anyone who is responsible for the safeguarding of robot cells and associated machinery, production lines or process lines should take a look at the Angel product pages. There is no comparable modular guarding system that offers the same versatility, reusability, attractive appearance, and is so easy and quick to specify, order and install.

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