Guide to the New Machinery Directive, 6th edition


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Procter Machine Guarding has published the sixth edition of its Guide to the New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This PDF booklet, written in plain English, provides just the right level of information for people who need to understand what the new Machinery Directive means in terms of design, documentation and CE marking. Importantly, Procter’s guide highlights the changes compared with the old Directive, which is very useful for people who are familiar with the old regime, and something that is not addressed in the 400+ pages of official guidance.

Available free of charge on request or from the Machine Safety Guides Free Downloads section of the website, the latest edition of the Guide to the New Machinery Directive contains additional material relating to ergonomics, and the links to sources of further information have been updated where necessary.

The guide is aimed not just at machine builders, system integrators and manufacturers of
partly-completed machines, but also machine specifiers and buyers, people who are modifying machinery or creating assemblies of machinery, and manufacturers of machine guarding.

To order a PDF copy of the Guide to the New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, follow the link to ‘Downloads’ at Machine Safety Guides email

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