Guarding against Time and Cost Overruns


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Machine builders and users often find that guarding for new-build projects and upgrades takes longer than expected and that costs escalate accordingly. Rather than carrying out the work in-house, a better solution is to sub-contract the design, manufacture and installation to guarding experts, of which the UK’s leader is Procter Machine Guarding. To illustrate the breadth of its capability, Procter is publishing new literature that is available free of charge to machine builders as well as users who need to bring their machinery guarding up against today’s standard.

For both new-build and upgrade projects, a Procter design engineer will visit the customer to discuss the safety, production and maintenance requirements in order to recommend the most appropriate guarding solution. A detailed fixed-price quotation is then prepared, clearly showing the cost breakdown for the hardware and installation.

When an order is received, detailed designs are prepared so as to ensure the manufactured components are accurately produced to minimise the on-site installation time. If required, the guards can be pre-fitted with interlocks and light guards, and Procter can also supply associated equipment such as pressure-sensitive safety mats so as to provide a comprehensive guarding solution.

One of the most popular forms of machinery protection is perimeter guarding, for which Procter offers sturdy steel-framed guards with welded wire mesh infill. In specialist industries such as food, beverage or pharmaceutical production, guards can instead be manufactured from stainless steel and polycarbonate. In both cases, the guarding is robust, durable and provides excellent process visibility.

Sheet metal guards are often specified for applications where swarf and/or coolant are present, or where there is a risk of broken parts being ejected. Such guards can incorporate viewing windows, sliding or hinged doors and removable panels to provide visibility and access for operation and maintenance.

If noisy processes need guarding, Procter offers acoustic enclosures that perform the dual role of reducing noise and protecting against physical hazards. These can also be provided with windows, access doors and removable panels.

In addition to the bespoke machinery guarding described above, Procter also manufactures temporary guard panels that are ideal for protecting personnel during machine building, commissioning, maintenance, repair and modification. These self-supporting steel-framed guard panels have mesh infill and can be quickly assembled when needed – then removed and stored when no longer required.

Another aspect of machinery safety that is sometimes neglected is safe access. Procter can undertake the design, manufacture and installation of steps, handrails and platforms that provide safe access to machinery for loading, viewing and maintenance.

All Procter Machine Guarding products, both for new projects and upgrades, are designed and manufactured in accordance with the appropriate British and European standards; machinery guarding comes with a Declaration of Conformity as required by the customer for CE marking.

A new full-colour brochure from Procter Machine Guarding describes the various types of bespoke guarding available. In addition, the literature shows the Angel modular perimeter guarding system, the Pro-duct cable trunking system and the security fencing, barriers and gates from Procter Fencing Systems.

Click here to download Procter Machine Safety Brochure, or alternatively contact us.

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