New Design Guide for Machine Guarding


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Procter Brothers is publishing a new design guide for its unique Angel modular machine guarding system to assist those responsible for specifying and ordering perimeter guarding. The guide includes notes on machine safety issues – such as minimum reach distances – and the appropriate UK and European standards are listed for those readers who wish to know more.

No other guarding system is quite like Angel, with modular components that are easy to specify and order – as well as being quick to configure, deliver and install. The design guide, therefore, contains detailed technical information for the various components such as the posts, panels, gates and patented universal clamp brackets. In addition, the guide highlights the extensive range of options available: sizes, infill materials, access controls, interlocks, cable trunking, levelling feet, and finishes, for example.

One section of the guide outlines the simple step-by-step process by which a guarding system is ordered. It is worth noting that at no point is the customer required to compile a parts list; the Angel engineers do this as part of the quotation procedure. In fact, the customer merely has to sketch an outline of the machine and show the guideline, and indicate where access is required and what type of access is needed (sliding gates, hinged gates, rise-and-fall gates or light curtains). The Angel engineers can then calculate the most cost-effective means of meeting the specification, and will even provide a quotation for installing the guarding if requested to do so.

A faxback enquiry form is included with each copy of the design guide. This single-sided A4 form has space for all of the customer’s details, the Angel options, and a grid for the customer to draw a sketch plan of the machine and guard line. In other words, the Angel modular machine guarding system is so easy to work with that a complete system can be specified on a single sheet of paper!

Visit the dedicated Angel page to find out more about the system, or contact Procter Machine Safety to request a free copy of the Angel Design Guide. 

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