Satech Strong: 
Robust Modular Perimeter Guarding

The solid and resistant
Perimeter Guard

STRONG is a robust Perimeter Guarding Solution with reinforced posts and mounting with patented clip or captive hardware.

The STRONG system is ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications such as industrial robotics or steel industry.

This protection and accident prevention system consists of 60×60 uprights and 20×20 panels, enabling the user to create almost any guarding layout required (in 100 mm increments) up to 3m high. SATECH STRONG is a stock item to 2060mm, with greater heights available on request.

STRONG can be completed with a wide range of high quality and Standard compliant doors, panels, closures and accessories.

Perimeter Protection
solid and resistant

The robust Perimeter Protection with reinforced posts and thick bases. STRONG can be mounted with a patented clip (to save up to 25% of the assembly time) or with captive screws (for robotic cells). The solidity of its structure makes STRONG suitable for supporting full sheet or composite infill panels, used for example in the iron and steel and paper industries.


Reinforced posts, two assembly possibilities and two frame sections: STRONG is the fence that ensures stability even at greater heights.


The STRONG Perimeter Fence is easy to assemble, compatible with all Satech accessories and doors and built to last a long time.

Compliant and Safe

STRONG is designed and built according to the EN ISO 14120 standard and meets the safety requirements required in the Risk Analysis.


A solid structure but with a low weight, the panel with Satech frame can be easily moved by one person.

Ready to use

The frame is already drilled to allow assembly with screws and the installation of brackets, locks and accessories.


Horizontal wires internally welded to the frame prevent climbing


The vertical shape of the mesh improves visibility of the machinery.

Short distances, space saving

The opening of the 17×97 mm net allows you to install the guards just 120 mm from the danger, allowing you to reduce the footprint of the safety perimeter on the ground.

Maximum stability and resistance,
even for great heights

STRONG ensures maximum stability on the ground with 60×60 mm welded base posts, equipped with 6 holes for fixing to the ground and reinforcement rib. It is ideal for protecting dangerous areas with significant heights.