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All manufacturing and fabrication of our machine guards is carried out in our own factory in South Wales.  We have a highly experienced and highly skilled workforce, and all manufacture is carried out in accordance with ISO 9000 quality assurance procedures.  

Strength of size and strength in facilities

Our manufacturing operation is on an impressive scale, with a factory of 36,000 square feet and a total workforce of over 70, with this giving us the capacity to take on the very largest of machine guarding projects.  In addition, investment over many years has ensured we use state-of-the-art equipment which includes CNC punching and folding machinery to ensure that fabrications are produced with consistently fine tolerances.  

All appropriate materials are handled

Using the right materials for a machine guard is essential, and this is our start point because we're not restricted by what materials we can handle and fabricate.  So in other words the materials we recommend and go on to use are the ones which give the optimum result.  These materials include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonate.  Unless otherwise specified, guards are polyester powder coated in our factory to a colour of the customer's choice to suit their in-house standards.  

We can also work to a customer's design

For specific jobs and in particular for OEMs, (for example Machine Tool manufacturers) our customers will produce the detailed design and our job is simply to manufacture the guard to that exacting standard - which we always do.  We are happy to advise the customer where we feel that minor design improvements can be beneficial.  

Customer inspection always welcome during machine guard manufacture

On larger and relatively complex machine guards, our customers are free to inspect the job at specific stages of manufacture - e.g. when the fabrication is complete but ahead of any painting or powder coating work.  We always welcome such inspection and this can be easily arranged.  

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