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mesh machine guard corrugator

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​Although some standard machine guards are available and we often supply these (though more typically for machine shop uses and for perimeter guarding), the nature of machine guarding frequently reuqires at least a degree of bespoke design, and in many cases a complete bespoke design.  Therefore we've acquired huge experience and expertise over many years in designing machine guards for every possible application, and across a very diverse range of industries.  

Procter machine guarding design process

The detailed manufacture design process starts once we have a confirmed order, and of course the first stage is a complete and detailed appraisal of the machinery in question.  From there our design engineers will progress the design with the work sometimes carried out on site, or back at our offices working on our CAD system.  In all cases though, the design engineer's aim is to develop the optimum solution, using the most appropriate materials, and always with the outcome meeting all necessary operational rquirements and Health & Safety regulations to ensure compliance.  If required, final designs can be submitted for approval prior to manufacture commencing.  

Expert machine guarding design for all industries

One of the real advantages that we have and our customers benefit from is our excellent working knowledge of the relevant BS EN standards on Machine Safety and years of experience in machine guarding across so many industries.  The obvious advantage to our customers is that not only do we fully understand all the general issues around affectively protecting workers from the dangers of machinery, but we also do so at an industry-specific level and therefore can apply this expertise at the design stage.  


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