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Guards for Webster & Bennett vertical boring machines

Our standardised designs for Webster & Bennett (W&B) vertical boring machine guards are cost-effective for retrofitting to manual and CNC machines. If you have one of these machine tools we can survey it, undertake a risk assessment and then manufacture and install high-quality guards that are tailored to your exact requirements. Dozens of W&B vertical borers have already benefitted from our ergonomic Procter guards.

Design features

Every W&B vertical boring machine (VBM) is slightly different, so we conduct a detailed survey on each one to ensure the new guards fit ‘right first time’ and meet your needs. Machines with table sizes of 36, 48, 60 and 72 inches can be guarded. You can specify the finish and the material used for the viewing windows (polycarbonate or laminated glass), the type of guard interlocks and other details. Different configurations of guarding are necessary to suit manual and NC/CNC machines.

Guards for manual Webster & Bennett machines

  • close-fitting guards for access to controls and process visibility
  • interlocked doors for loading fixtures and workpieces
  • hinged or rise-and-fall guards for changing tooling
  • lower hinged door sections for swarf removal
  • optional internal coolant trays

Guards for NC and CNC Webster & Bennett machines

  • fully enclosed
  • solenoid-interlocked access doors, sliding or hinged
  • removable lower cloaking panels and upper maintenance panels
  • automatic internal door for tool changer
  • optional swarf conveyors accommodated within the enclosure

Standards and regulations

Our W&B guards comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14120 and BS EN 13128. If a machine is pre-owned and it needs to be CE marked before it can be used for the first time, our guards will help with CE marking in compliance with the Machinery Directive and the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. In all cases the guards aid compliance with PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998). Guards for other machines As well as guards for W&B vertical borers, we can also design, manufacture and install guards on similar machines from Schiess, Toshulin and others.