Turnkey machine safety solutions for a safe and compliant working environment


Bespoke sheet metal machine guards

Procter Machine Safety is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, standards-compliant sheet metal machine guards. We offer a comprehensive service that includes site surveys, risk assessments, stakeholder consultations, design, manufacture and installation, including connection of safety interlocks to the machine’s control system. Our experience with bespoke sheet metal machine guards dates back over 30 years, with previous customers including OEMs (such as machine tool manufacturers) and manufacturing companies.

Why use sheet metal machine guards?

Sheet metal machine guards are typically used for applications where, in addition to preventing access to machine hazards, there is also a need to contain swarf, cutting chips or coolant. Sheet metal guards can be used in conjunction with other types of guarding such as wire mesh guarding, or sheet metal can be used to enclose a machine fully, with safe access points and viewing windows located where necessary. For noisy machines our sheet metal guards can incorporate soundproofing materials to create acoustic enclosures. Aesthetics and finishes For OEM customers in particular, the quality of the finish and the overall aesthetic of the guarding can be very important. This is because it is the guard rather than the machine that is seen first, plus the guard needs to create a visual synergy with the machine in terms of form, colour and finish. In such cases, therefore, we ensure the guard fulfils the safety function and looks as impressive as the machine it encloses. Viewing windows and safe access Viewing windows are incorporated where necessary, and safe access can be provided by sliding, hinged or rise-and-fall doors; larger doors can be powered. Additional removable panels can be provided so maintenance tasks to be performed. Interlocks can be preinstalled on the doors and access panels for connecting to the machine’s safety-related control system. Manufacturing capability To produce the highest-quality guarding we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art sheet metal punches and press brakes, as well as painting and powder-coating plant. Our in-house manufacturing capability ensures we maintain complete control over quality and delivery timescales.

Standards and compliance

We design, manufacture and install our bespoke sheet metal machine guards in compliance with a number of standards including BS EN ISO 14120 and BS EN ISO 13857. Where appropriate, the guards also comply with standards specific to the type of machinery being safeguarded. For new machines or pre-owned machines that need to be CE marked before they can be used, sheet metal guards aid compliance with the Machinery Directive and the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. For existing machinery, sheet metal guards can help employers meet their legal obligations under PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations).