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Conveyor guards

Conveyors are used in almost every industry and are often taken for granted. However, adequate conveyor guarding is essential because the injuries associated with conveyors can be severe or even fatal. Hazards relate to in-running nip points, tensioners, transmission components and belt edges, as well as objects or materials that are spilt, ejected or fall from the conveyor. New conveyors are not always supplied with sufficient guarding and existing conveyors may have had guards removed at some point in the past.

Procter Machine Safety designs, manufactures and installs bespoke conveyor guards that provide the necessary level of protection but without hindering production.

Comprehensive service for conveyor guards

Whether for a new-build project or for retrofitting, we offer a comprehensive conveyor guarding service that includes:

Custom-designed guarding for conveyors

Depending on your industry and the products being transported, the conveyor guarding may be manufactured from any of these materials or a combination: Welded wire mesh, Sheet metal, Stainless steelPolycarbonate. We can also incorporate sound insulation if necessary.

Wherever possible our designs permit cleaning and maintenance without removal of the guards. However, if guards have to be removed frequently, we can install suitable safety interlocks and modify the safety-related control system so that it operates correctly with the new safety devices.

Legislation, regulations and standards

New and existing conveyors must comply with the guarding requirements in PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations). In addition, there is the question of the Machinery Directive: conveyors may or may not form part of a machine or an assembly of machines, and some guards are within the scope of the Directive as ‘safety components’ while others are not, so the issue of CE marking can become complex. Nevertheless, we ensure that our conveyor guards comply with all relevant standards, regulations and guidance; where appropriate we provide a Declaration of Conformity and CE mark the guards as safety components in accordance with the Machinery Directive. For more information about conveyor-related regulations and standards, a Conveyor Guarding White Paper is available from our Downloads page.

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System covers the design, manufacture and installation of machine guards.