Turnkey machine safety solutions for a safe and compliant working environment


Acoustic enclosures

Acoustic enclosures prevent high levels of reflective noise and reverberation from being emitted by the machine, often at the same time as protecting workers from dangerous machinery. The Noise Regulations make it as important to protect workers from noise-induced hearing loss as it is to protect them from other machine hazards. Our comprehensive service includes risk assessments, noise surveys, consultation with stakeholders, design, manufacture and installation.

Acoustic enclosure features In addition to the sheet metal structure, Procter acoustic enclosures for new and existing machines feature:

  • Optimised combination of sound-deadening and sound absorbent materials
  • Sound-proofing around doors and other openings
  • Optional double-glazed viewing panels
  • Means of access for operators and maintenance personnel, interlocked where necessary
  • Design details to suit indoor or outdoor applications
  • Atex rating compliant

Typical applications for acoustic enclosures We design, manufacture and install acoustic enclosures for almost any application, including:

  • Air compressors
  • Generators
  • Cable stranding machinery
  • Metal cutting machines
  • Pump enclosures

Installation of acoustic enclosures

Our own team of highly trained and very experienced fitters install acoustic enclosures at times to suit your requirements, which may be overnight, at weekends or during seasonal shutdowns.


Where necessary, we work with specialist noise consultants who undertake noise assessments to provide an accurate record of noise levels prior to an acoustic enclosure being installed, as well as proving that the enclosure reduces noise sufficiently for compliance with the Machinery Directive and Noise Regulations. Our products are compliant with BS EN 15667 and BS EN 14120.