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Maintenance and aftercare

Machine guards often lead a hard life. Our comprehensive service includes aftercare and maintenance so you can be sure your machine guards will have a long, trouble-free life. If we attend your site for a planned maintenance visit or unscheduled callout, we can carry out any of the following:

  • inspect guards to check they have not been damaged or subjected to unauthorised modification; repair or replace as necessary
  • inspect hinges and slides on moving guards; lubricate, adjust or replace as necessary
  • check operation of gas struts or counterbalances on lifting guards; lubricate, adjust, repair or replace as necessary
  • check operation and security of guard switches; replace any showing signs of damage or abuse
  • check for damage to cables connecting guard switches and other safety devices; replace as necessary
  • check for any modifications to the machinery that might mean the guards are no longer adequate; if necessary, assess risks and submit report
  • check for damage to guards caused by, for example, fork lift trucks; repair or replace as necessary
  • inspect fixed guards for missing or damaged fasteners that could allow dangerous parts of the machine to be reached through gaps; repair or replace as necessary
  • inspect clear polycarbonate infill panels; replace any that have become opaque due to abrasion or suffered damage from impacts
  • on acoustic enclosures, check the seals around doors and opening panels are still in good condition; replace as necessary
  • on machines with guards that are required to retain coolant or dust, check for signs of leakage; repair or replace seals as necessary

Contact us to discuss your requirements for maintenance and aftercare, whether your interest is an ongoing maintenance contract or one-off site visit.

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