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Machine guard installation service

Our comprehensive machine guarding service includes installation, which is an option many customers choose whether they are in the UK, mainland Europe or further afield.

Within our extensive portfolio of guards, there are standard guards for workshop machine tools and modular perimeter guards, both of which are usually straightforward for customers to install, but our installation service offers a number of advantages for more complex designs and installations:

  • Extensive experience across many diverse industries
  • All fitters have received health and safety training and are competent to work on customers’ sites
  • A risk assessment and method statement can be provided
  • Installation during shutdown periods, overnight, at weekends, etc
  • Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System covers design, manufacture and installation

Decades of experience

We have over 30 years of experience installing machine guards using our own team of highly skilled fitters, each of whom has Passport to Safety accreditation. Customers who have entrusted us with machine guard installations include some of the largest and most prestigious manufacturing companies: BAE Systems, BMW, Ford Motor Co, GlaxoSmithKline, Heinz, Honda, McLaren, Nissan, Procter & Gamble, Rolls-Royce plc, Sellafield and Tata.

Electrical installation

In addition to fitting the guarding we can also install electrical and mechanical door interlocks, emergency stop switches, light curtains and other safety devices. If modifications to your machine’s safety control system are required we can take full responsibility for those too. Our electricians are 17th edition qualified and electrical installations comply with the following standards as appropriate:

  • BS EN 60204-1
  • BS EN ISO 13849-1
  • BS EN 62061

Risk assessment and method statement

We carry out a full risk assessment and prepare a method statement prior to commencing any machine guard installation.

Minimise disruption

One aspect of our installation service that is very popular with our customers is that we can schedule the installation for times when the machine is not in normal operation; this might be during shutdown periods, overnight, at weekends or during planned maintenance or commissioning schedules. Because we have a number of skilled fitting teams, even large projects can be completed relatively quickly, thereby minimising machine downtime. Furthermore, our installation teams also have fabrication skills, so they can usually carry out minor adjustments while on site.

Large and small projects

We can install large, complex machine guards or, at the other extreme, we can undertake much smaller projects – such as installing Nelsa guards on machine tools in a workshop. No machine guard installation project is too large or too small, so please contact us with your enquiry.