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The installation of the machine guards that we also manufacture is very much part of the Procter Machine Guarding service, though isn't of course a requirement from our side and some of our customers will prefer to do their own installation and for a variety of reasons.  However and especially on more complex installations, there are obvious advantages of allowing us to carry out the installation: 

  • Huge experience in machine guard installation and across multiple industries
  • All fitters are trained to the necessary H&S requirements of the customer site
  • Full method statement and risk assessment can be provided as required
  • Able to carry out work in shutdown periods, out of hours and weekends etc.  

Huge experience in machine guard installations

Our experience in machine guard installations is massive and extends back many decades.  We have our own team of highly skilled fitters, who have Passport to Safety accreditation.  A measure of how well regarded our fitters are, is that we manufacture and install machine guards for some of the UK's largest and most prestigious manufacturing companies - Tata, Honda, Ford Motor Co, BMW, Heinz, for example.  

All fitters are trained to the necessary H&S requirements of the customer site

Specific health and safety accreditation and other training includes: 

  • Passport to safety
  • Cscs cards
  • First aid 
  • Asbestos awareness
  • fire safety training
  • Manual handling

Full method and risk assessment provided for machine guard installations

As part of the machine guard installation, we carry out a full method and risk assessment prior to the actual work being carried out.  

Procter Machine Guarding Installation Service Designed to Minimise disruption to your Production

One specific aspect of our installation service that really suits our customers is that we can schedule the installation of guards to be done during times when the machine is not in normal operation, e.g. normal shutdown periods, overnight and weekends, or during planned maintenance or commissioning schedules.  Because Procter have a large number of skilled fitting teams, this means that even large jobs can be completed relatively quickly, therefore ensuring that machine downtimes is kept to a minimum.  As our fittings teams also have fabrication skills, they can usually carry out any minor adjustments required while on site during the installation programme.   

Large and small installations of machine guards

The installation of machine guards we carry out are both for large and small projects, with the latter something we're entirely happy to do.  So no machine guard installation is too large or too small for us.  

Our own transport and a nationwide service

For all machine guard installations, we use our own transport and provide a full nationwide service to anywhere in the UK.  


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