Machine Guarding Complete Service from Procter

At Procter Machine Guarding we provide a comprehensive range of services to complement our guarding products.  Procter Machine Guarding products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest health and safety requirements and standards,  the Procter service is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
Combined, our products and services reflect our commitment to deliver the highest possible quality standards.  

Our range of services includes:


The optimum machine guarding solution for every job

Where a guarding requirement needs a bespoke approach, we will always look to the optimum solution and the best design and materials for the job.  These materials include steel mesh, sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonate, with factors determining the material including strength, visibility, durability hygiene and cost-effectiveness.  

Experience in multiple sectors and industries

Our vast machine safety experience spans all major sectors and industries within them, those listed below are examples of the sectors we serve

Industries have used Procter machine guards

Manufacturing Paper, Board & Packaging Construction Materials
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering (including college and school workshops)
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Consumer white goods manufacturing
  • Timber processing
  • Board manufacture and processing
  • Paper
  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Quarrying
  • Brick, Tile, Cement, Plasterboard
  • Waste processing
Energy & Utilities Machinery Manufacturers Miscellaneous
  • Power stations
  • Wind Turbines
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Water authorities
  • Robotic and automation integrators
  • Machine tool manufacturers
  • Material and baggage handling / Conveyors
  • Automated warehouses
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food and Drink
  • Ports & Vessels
  • Chemical Works
  • Oil and Gas work
  • Mining
  • Military and MOD
  • Weapons and ammunition 

We've even supplied the leisure sector having designed, manufactured and installed safety equipment at bowling alleys to prevent access to the mechanism which lifts and repositions skittles.  In addition, we've also supplied the transport sector where we designed, manufactured and installed guarding equipment to allow engineers to safety work on escalators located within the London underground system.  And outside of the wide commercial sectors, our guards are fitted in workshops in schools and colleges across the UK.  

Expert advice on all issues concerning machine safety guarding and compliance

As the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and installer of machine guarding, we're able to provide truly expert advice on all issues regarding machine safety and guarding, including the requirements for CE marking.  

UK and international coverage

We cover the length and breadth of the UK, plus we also supply countries across Europe and beyond. 

Please contact us to find out more

The best way to establish how we can help you is an initial telephone discussion or exchange of emails.  So please go to our Contact us page and we can start talking.   

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