Perimeter Mesh
Guards Solutions

Cwmcarn, South Wales


Commissioned by MechTek, the Engineering Consultancy Co., we supplied a complete, professional and efficient ‘standard + bespoke’ guarding solution. From the measuring to the designing, and fabricating of all guards to the agreed specification.

The customisation work included:

  • Custom sized panels
  • Polycarbonate panels
  • Small access hatches
  • Heavy duty posts where required
  • Custom sliding half height doors

Procter’s team also understood the guarding requirement from the customer including the importance of service, MechTek were kept fully informed of the progress at all times.
Procter delivered its standard products like Satech, bespoke items and various pedestrian, sliding, and bespoke access doors. The guards for the complete project were packaged and sent overseas, delivered on time and to the correct specification.

Client Feedback

Very good service and the mix of standard and bespoke items made it possible to create an entire guarding solution.

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