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Pro-duct Cable Ducting

Cable ducting can be an important element of machinery and machinery guarding, as it ensures that cables are safety and neatly contained, rather than just being zip-tied together and / or to equipment etc. At Procter Machine Guarding we have our own design of cable ducting which is sealed to IP54, and features hinged access covers with retained fastenings to provide simple, quick access during machinery installation and maintenance.

Cable ducting as standard modular components plus custom design if required

Our Pro-duct cable ducting system is available in a range of standard modular components, plus we also offer custom designs if required. We offer a range of standard colours, but can also powder coat all components to any specific colour our customer requires.

Robust and versatile cable ducting system

Pro-Duct cable ducting is a very robust system and will stand up to the wear and tear of any factory environment. It’s also highly versatile, and with its large range of modular components combined with bespoke components if required, will fulfill the needs of any job which requires the neat and safe control of cabling in factories and other business premises.

Installation of Pro-duct cable ducting

We can install our Pro-Duct cable ducting as part of any machine guard installation, or install it on existing machines if required.