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Nelsa protective screens

Nelsa GWG protective screens are used with off-hand grinders and bench grinders, while Nelsa MAG magnetic-based chip shields are suitable for use in conjunction with one or more other guards on machines such as small milling machines, drills, grinders and bandsaws. These two styles of screen therefore have numerous applications in tool rooms, R&D workshops, prototyping, small-batch production and education/training establishments.

Nelsa GWG Grinding Wheel Protective Screens description

Nelsa GWG Grinding Wheel Protective Screens are available in two sizes, the GWG 100 for wheels up to 8 inches and the GWG 200 for larger wheels. In both cases, the protective screen simply and quickly attaches to the casing of the off-hand grinder or bench grinder using an M8 bolt. GWG protective screens feature a chrome-plated pivot that connects the frame to the curved adjustable mounting pivot for ease of positioning and adjustment.

The GWG 100 has a cast aluminium frame measuring 160mm x 150mm while the GWG 200 has a mild steel frame measuring 200mm x 200mm. Both sizes incorporate a 5mm thick polycarbonate screen that can be replaced when it becomes worn and starts to become opaque.

Standards and regulations

When correctly installed and adjusted, GWG Grinder Protective Screens, help the machine to comply with PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).