Machine Guarding Risk Assessment

Procter Machine Guarding has produced a video walkthrough for its free BS EN ISO 12100:2010 Risk Assessment Calculator

It is absolutely essential to carry out a thorough risk assessment before making any changes to machinery.

While Procter Machine Guarding does not offer a risk assessment service directly, we have contacts with Health & Safety specialists throughout the UK who can assist customers with performing risk assessments.  

If this service is of interest, please contact us to find out more. Meanwhile, the following provides information and guidance for those contemplating carrying out a risk assessment for themselves.

Risk Assessment Calculator - Download here (XLS)

Procter Machine Guarding has prepared a free Risk Assessment Calculator that is based on the requirements of EN ISO 12100:2010, the standard for machinery risk assessments. Designed to be easy to use, the Risk Assessment Calculator incorporates checklists and look-up tables to enable risk assessments to be carried out on almost any static machinery.

A Hazard Rating Number (HRN) and Risk Level are calculated automatically for each identified hazard, thereby indicating at-a-glance where users should consider taking action. The Risk Assessment Calculator is based on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, though very little knowledge of this software package is required in order to use the tool.

All of the calculations are handled automatically, leaving the user to enter the data and decide on the values to use for 'Likelihood of Occurrence', 'Frequency of Exposure', 'Degree of Possible Harm' and the 'Number of Persons at Risk' using the guides provided.

To download your FREE Risk Assessment Calculator (in Microsoft Excel .xls format) please click here

Once an initial risk assessment has been carried out, yu can use our free compliance survey to assess what guards are required to address the hazards identified.  

Contact us about risk assessment and our free compliance survey.

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