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satech perimeter guarding

Procter machine guarding have decided to create a brand new brochure for their Satech range of guarding. The new brochure contains all you need to know about the cost effective perimeter guarding that Procter supply.

Tunnel Guard

Satech is a modular ‘off the shelf’ range of guards that Procter stock in the UK.


One of our frequently asked questions is “how do I create a door in the guarding cell I am installing?”

Here at Procter we hold up to a mile of stock of the Satech guarding range, a lot of our customer install this guarding themselves because of how intuitive it is.

Mechtek Engineering Consultancy Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified specialist mechanical engineering company with in-house design, project and direct service capability.

Procter Machine Guarding has added three new videos to its gallery [or YouTube channel] that clearly demonstrate the strength of the Satech modular perimeter guards and doors that the company supplies and installs.

Procter Machine Guarding has a section of its website dedicated to free machinery safety downloads, all created to make life easier for machine builders, production engineers, health and safety managers and anyone who has responsibility for or who needs an understanding of machinery safety – and guarding in particular.

Procter Machine Guarding has published a free White Paper, Conveyor Guarding – Safeguarding the hazards presented by conveyors, that discusses conveyor hazards, the regulations and standards relating to conveyor guarding, and the best approaches for adequately and cost-effectively ensuring conveyor safety without adversely affecting productivity.

Robot Machine Guards

Industrial robots are increasingly being adopted for automated manufacturing applications beyond the traditional automotive sector where they are now well established. Physical perimeter guards are the norm for ensuring robot safety, though light guards, laser area scanners and pressure-sensitive mats can be appropriate for use at entry/exit points for materials and personnel.

Procter Machine Guarding recently acquired the Nelsa machine guards business of Rockwell Automation and is now promoting this high-quality range of standard machine shop guards to customers in Northern and Southern Ireland.

Drill Guards

Jeremy Procter, a Member of BSI’s MCE/3 committee, former Convenor of the European Standards Committee responsible for Machine Guards (CEN TC114 WG11), and Managing Director of Procter Machine Guarding, uses recent HSE reports of accidents and prosecutions to show how important it is for drilling machines to be equipped with guards.

Within the manufacturing and process industries, huge efforts have been made in recent years to streamline production, optimise processes and, thereby, minimise production costs. Nonetheless, in the present economic climate there is still a need to reduce overheads, so many companies are seeking ways to cut their maintenance spend.

This webster and bennett machine guarding system features sheet steel panels to waist height and polycarbonat above.  The two main front doors safe for the operator to do so via an electrical interlock.  When all doors are fully closed the machine is able to work again with full visibility from the user.

Procter Machine Guarding has acquired the Nelsa machine guards business of Rockwell Automation, Inc.  The high-quality and reliable Nelsa machine guard range includes lathe guards, milling machine guards, drill guards, grinding wheel protective screens and chip guards. 

Thanks to the design of the Satech modules and fasteners, robot cell guarding can be readily reconfigured if the robot is reprogrammed to perform a different task.

workshop guards

This case study explains how Procter Machine Guarding conducted a Machine Guarding Compliance Survey and was then contracted by Tata Steel to supply and install workshop guards.

Warwick Manufacturing Group, which is an independent centre of excellence within the engineering department at Warwick University, has selected the unique Angel modular machine guarding system from Procter Machine Guarding for a new installation around an automated self-pierce rivet system. Because of the frequently changing nature of research laboratories, the modular guarding is ideal in that it can be reused, reconfigured or extended quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Procter Machine Guarding,  in partnership with ISS Safety Ltd, is offering a comprehensive service to manufacture and install guarding on pinspotting / pinsetter machines so bowling centre operators can meet their legal obligations to protect workers and members of the public.

One of the advantages of using a modular perimeter guarding system is that it requires significantly less engineering time and effort than designing perimeter guards from scratch. For systems such as the Satech range, which is available in the UK from Procter Machine Guarding, the requisite guards can be specified by following a simple step-by-step procedure. Moreover, to complement its supply and installation services, Procter Machine Guarding also offers to undertake a site survey and specify all of the components required, which makes life even easier for customers.

Procter Machine Guarding is a UK distributor for the cost-effective modular Satech perimeter machine guarding system. One of the main advantages of this system is that it is offered in different series to suit various types of application, so customers only pay for what they need. This article outlines the characteristics, explains the Satech series differences and explains how to choose between them.

Machine builders and users often find that guarding for new-build projects and upgrades takes longer than expected and that costs escalate accordingly. Rather than carrying out the work in-house, a better solution is to sub-contract the design, manufacture and installation to guarding experts, of which the UK's leader is Procter Machine Guarding. To illustrate the breadth of its capability, Procter is publishing new literature that is available free of charge to machine builders as well as users who need to bring their machinery guarding up to today's standard.

Several new accessories are being launched for the Satech range of modular perimeter machine guards , which is already one of the most comprehensive on the market. All of the new components are available through Procter Machine Guarding, the sole Satech distributor for the UK and Ireland.

A Machine Accident Investigation Kit (MAIK) is available free of charge from Procter Machine Guarding. This fourth edition of the popular resource for managers incorporates a number of changes to bring it up to date following changes in, for example, standards references and website addresses.

The design of machine guards can play a major role in improving safety during maintenance operations, explains Jeremy Procter.

Procter Brothers is publishing a new design guide for its unique Angel modular machine guarding system to assist those responsible for specifying and ordering perimeter guarding. The guide includes notes on machine safety issues – such as minimum reach distances – and the appropriate UK and European standards are listed for those readers who wish to know more.

Little in life remains constant, and that is as true for manufacturers as for anybody else. Something that manufacturers are continually rearranging is the stores, both for raw materials and finished products.

Procter Machine Guarding’s unique Angel modular machine guarding system is quite probably the simplest, most cost-effective and visually attractive way of constructing an enclosure around a robot installation. Furthermore, if the robot is ever reprogrammed to perform a different task, the Angel enclosure can quickly and easily be reconfigured to suit the new working envelope.

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments in the United Kingdom have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act, etc 1974 to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of their workers and other persons who may be affected by the activities of the establishment.

Since the introduction of the Health & Safety at Work Act over 25 years ago and, more recently, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and the Supply of Machinery Regulations, there will be few users and builders of machinery who are ignorant of the need to guard machinery. Guards often perform multiple functions, including protecting operators and maintenance personnel from mechanical hazards, ejected parts, harmful fluids, radiation and noise. The quality of the guard design can significantly affect not only the standard of protection offered, but also the productivity of the machinery; poorly designed guards invariably restrict output.

‘Making paper safely’ is a phrase that has been used within the papermaking industry since 1998, thanks to an initiative from the HSC (Health and Safety Commission) to improve the safety record of paper mills.

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Sliding gates are the latest addition to the Angel modular machine guarding system, with an extensive range of options. Procter Machine Guarding is supplying Angel sliding gates in a choice of heights and widths, powered or unpowered, with various mechanical or electrical interlocks preinstalled, and infills of sheet steel, welded wire mesh or clear polycarbonate. Customers can also specify the gates with an innovative trackless cantilever design or a more conventional overhead tracked arrangement.

The 3rd International Forum of Machinery Safety Standards and Work Safety of Equipment Manufacturing Industry took place in Tianjin, China, on 26 September 2009. At this important international machine safety conference Jeremy Procter was invited by the organisers to present a paper entitled Machine Guards – The New Machinery Directive and Standards: A guide to compliance to an audience of 150 representatives of leading Chinese manufacturers, users and government bodies.

Guarding for automated warehousing can be implemented remarkably economically when using the Satech system from Procter Machine Guarding, the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for this low-cost modular perimeter guarding system.

The Health and Safety Executive has recently published a report entitled ‘Identifying the human factors associated with the defeating of interlocks on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines’ (reference 44974), which was prepared on the HSE’s behalf by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), an agency of the HSE. 

Authoritative A comprehensive machinery safety service from Procter Machine Guarding has helped KHS Kisters deliver a new palletising line to Britvic Ireland, which is said to be the number-one soft drinks company in Ireland by volume, with market-leading brands including Ballygowan, 7UP, Club, Mi Wadi and Robinsons. The company recently contracted KHS Kisters to supply a new palletising line for bottles of soft drinks, and Procter Machine Guarding was tasked by KHS Kisters with providing the guarding. One of the main reasons why Procter won the work was because it offered a comprehensive machinery safety service and not just the supply of custom designed machine guards and perimeter machine guards.

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Jeremy Procter, a Member of BSI’s MCE/3 committee, Convenor of the European Standards Committee responsible for Machine Guards (CEN TC114 WG11), and Managing Director of Procter Machine Guarding, explains how to select the right type of fasteners for fixed guards, given the new requirements in the latest version of the guarding standard BS EN 953.

Procter Machine Guarding is relaunching the popular Nelsa range of high-quality machine shop guards, backed by a commitment to high standards of customer service. This range of standard guards was originally developed by EJA Ltd and is now being manufactured in the UK under licence by Procter Machine Guarding, so the guards are once again available on short deliveries.

Procter Machine Guarding has created a new section on Nelsa Machine Guards site for the popular Nelsa range of high-quality machine shop guards. Originally developed by EJA Ltd, these guards are now being manufactured in the UK under licence by Procter Machine Guarding, so they are once again available on short deliveries but with Procter’s renowned high standard of customer service.

Procter Machine Guarding will be at the Safety & Health Expo 2009 (12-14 May at the Birmingham NEC) on stand O21 in Hall 2 with ISS Safety to promote their comprehensive machinery safety service. Depending on the project requirements, the companies can provide a single point of contact for risk assessments, PUWER assessments, design services, machine guarding and safety-related control systems – including safety light curtains, pressure-sensitive mats and other safety devices.

Having signed an exclusive distribution agreement, Procter Machinery Guarding is now able to supply the Satech low-cost modular perimeter guarding system to customers in the UK and Ireland. This includes a comprehensive range of panels, posts, doors, bracketry and accessories. Versatile and economical, the system will appeal to anyone using perimeter guarding, including end-user manufacturers, warehousing OEMs and automation line builders.

On 31 May 2007 BSI published BS 4163: 2007 ‘Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments – Code of practice’, which supersedes the 2000 version of the same Code of practice (CoP). Throughout the CoP there are references to machine guarding, so this present article highlights those and, in particular, the changes introduced in the latest edition of the CoP.

Fitting new guards to old machines can be a cost-effective way to ensure that machinery meets current regulatory requirements so that its service life can be extended. In this article Jeremy Procter, a Member of BSI’s MCE/3 committee, former Convenor of the European Standards Committee responsible for Machine Guards (CEN TC114 WG11), and Managing Director of Procter Machine Guarding, explains what needs to be considered when upgrading machinery guards.

Jeremy Procter, Managing Director of Procter Machine Guarding, outlines the standards pertinent to the safety of packaging machinery.

Procter Machine Guarding has designed, manufactured and installed guarding in one of Europe’s largest automated high-bay warehouses

conveyor mesh guards

Conveyors are perhaps the simplest form of automation, transferring parts, assemblies or loose material from one place to another so as to avoid manual handling. Nevertheless, despite their apparent simplicity, conveyors account for a large number of injuries to workers, sometimes with fatal consequences. For example, figures published by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)*, indicate that in the food and drink industries some 30 per cent of all injuries caused by machinery are attributable to conveyors – which is more than any other class of machine – with 90 per cent of conveyor injuries occurring on flat belt conveyors and 90 per cent of the injuries involving well known hazards such as in-running nips, transmission parts and trapping points between moving and fixed parts. Furthermore, 90 per cent of injuries occur during normal operations such as production activities, clearing of blockages, and general cleaning.

A compact access and control system has been developed that enables a selection of modules including mechanical trapped key interlocks, electrical safety gate switch interlocks, and electrical operator controls to be integrated in one unit. The system features patented mechanical and electrical connections between every module. It simply clips together and the internal network is self-configuring. With over 4000billion combinations of modules it can be easily customised for every access and control application.

At MACH 2006 Procter Bros exhibited the Satech low-cost modular perimeter guarding system for the first time.