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Car Giant Honda Selects Procter Machine Guarding in Swindon

The plant was the first ‘green field’ car plant to be built in Britain in eight years, with an investment of £130 million.  The plant exports the new Civic 3-door model to the Japanese and US markets, as well as continuing to supply the European market.

The most advanced production systems in the world are being utilised to increase the factories’ total output to 250,000 units per year now the new plant is running at full production capacity.  To protect its workforce, Honda has invested in the very latest machine guarding equipment.  It selected Angel, a product that was so new it had not even been launched when Honda placed its order.

Procter, based in South Wales and Yorkshire, had given Honda a preview of Angel, in May 2000.  Honda was so impressed it signed a 6-figure contract in the October for this revolutionary new product.  Honda ordered a bespoke collection of lift, machine and store compounds along with thousands of metres of fencing and secure access gates including:

  • 4.0m high stores compounds
  • 1945 lineal metres of 2.0m high line guarding
  • 6.0m high guards around drop lifter units
  • 65 interlocked pedestrian access gates
  • 13 sets of double leaf gates
  • 3 sliding gates

Andrew Golesworthy, Engineering Manager at Honda, responsible for overseeing the design and installation of the Angel system, explains how Honda has benefited by working with Procter and choosing Angel to protect its workforce.

“We decided to use Angel after going through an extensive analysis based on our requirements, including: fit for purpose, further expansion, modification, British Safety and EU compliance, and cost.  After considering several leading manufacturers, it was clear that Procter and Angel could best fulfil our needs.
The total installation was carried out on a tight budget and time scale and everything was delivered on cost in good time.  Because the guarding is so flexible, it allowed us to make last minute modifications with no disruption to other works, or to the timing of installations.
The physical appearance of the Angel guard lends itself well to the modern factory with its sleek minimalist lines, giving an overall professional look to our robotic manufacturing lines.
I would recommend the use of the Angel guarding system for the quality and adaptability of the system but also for the overall support from Procter on site.
It was clear that Procter and Angel could best fulfil our needs.